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    Don't eat farmed salmon at all
    Chum Salmon (caught in deep waters) Ok for people over 50 once a week, once a month for others, not for kids

    All others only safe for older people from once a month to once a year!!!! Don't feed to children or younger adults.

    This is because of the accumulative mercury. The older we are the less time it has to accumulate.

    You all know that one cannot eat Tuna or Halibut due to mercury build up?

    Seems like we cannot eat any fish safely any more.

    I have been eating the wild salmon as I thought it was safer from deep Alaskan waters and I wonder if this has contributed to FM.

    Pretty bad! And watch out for the fish oils too, only de contaminated.

    Love Anne C
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    I have mercury poisoning and was told I could eat wild salmon. I felt like the next day I felt noticably foggy brained, so to me it makes sense but ti's sad because I LOVE salmon :(

    thanks for the info. I have some in my freezer, I might eat it periodically and just not buy any more.

    FOR MY:

    Celiacs/food intolerence/Erosive Gastritis/Duodentis/IBS/Pancreas spasms/Nausea/Vomiting/Weight Loss-Gain(Yo-yo'd about 15lbs due to meds & vomiting, etc), for the past 6 yrs.........

    **EAT FISH!** FOR PROTEIN........***ESPECIALLY TUNA, SALMON, & one other one*** that escapes me but the THIRD HIGHEST IN MERCURY!!!***

    (Sorry for yelling, but this subject, really really tears me up, especially, at the mention/thought of *children* my doctor* is slightly, a hypocrit, in a way... KNOWING, that mercury is HARMFUL, as he is TREATING ME FOR TOXICITY, then telling me to EAT TUNA & SALMON & TAKE FISH OILS FOR PROTEIN & HELP FOR MY BRAIN & MS,!!! and he feels strongly that mercury/foods are making children sick with autism!!!)

    I never could understand that! And I would NOT DO THIS PART OF MY DIET! I stuck to skinless boneless chicken breast being careful to read the packages to make sure it DID NOT say "may be injected with up to 15% of xxxxx" (msg, basically)...

    But, I stuck to chicken & brown rice, and basically ate only that for about 3 months, ocasionally throwing in some Quinoa, or red lentils (ick, didn't care for that) or some green beans, or brussel sprouts, for vegies, that were aloud on the very limited diet i was put on.

    This was a very very modified form of the 'eliminatiion' diet, at first, "to heal my guts" because, they were such a mess when I got to my dietician...I could not tolerate much at all. My stomach, bowels, pancreas were in terrible shape.
    They did heal in a few months, or improved, and I DID feel better, in time, my spasms WENT AWAY! on the diet, unfortunately,...... they are back now, but still never have returned as frequently, thank god.

    Anyways, thank you VERY MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION! I for one am VERY greatful! I'm writing this info down, to show hubby tonight, very interesting, he usually shrugs things off, though, we're not very fond of fish, anyhow, but my doctor is STILL pushing fish on me, dietwise, for my health! UGG. we pretty much only like "fast food" type fish, Basically greasy old battered bad for you fish, lol, which we can't eat anyways! And Salmon patties, and tuna if it's IN food, like casseroles, etc..

    Thanks again!


  4. Back in late 2004 or so, I think it was around that time, I believe, that Readers Digest, did an interesting, and kind of touching, article/story on a woman who had gotten severely ill with Mercury poisoning, through the heavy consumption, of Tuna & Salmon.

    This woman lives in Alaska, where it is a very normal thing, to consume these fish, several days a week, and with this woman in particular, she thought nothing of it, fixing fish every day of the week, and sometimes twice a day.

    Then she became very ill, with neurological symptoms, she started having headaches, i believe, tingling sensations, pins & needles, I think were mentioned... (bear with me, it has been a longgg time since I read this article, though I believe I saved that issue somewhere)

    her doctor(s) ran tests after tests after tests, and she continued to get sicker, and (eat more fish) and get sicker.....

    (Forgive me for not remembering the most detailed* of the details, it would take all day to put it allll on here, too!)

    But, anyways, I believe this took many many months, but, they DID finally figure out that this poor woman had absolutely astronomical levels of mercury in her system, I cannot remeber exactly how many times the normal levels she had, but it was absolutely mind blowing, and it made you wonder how she was even breathing anymore.

    It was explained in the article though, that the larger* fish these giant tuna, that are caught, and sold, and then bought, then consumed, have the highest levels, because they are so large, naturally, (I know I can't explain it the way the article did, maybe not even in a way that it can be understood here, I understood it after I read the article, but, even *better* after I saw on T.V. -- the discovery channel, or one of those.... the SIZE, of some tuna, when they are caught, and proccessed, and sold, for market... I understood how they & salmon could contain some of the highest mercury,)..

    Anyways, I will, for the most part, if not *always* avoid fish. I just have no use for them. Other than bonding with my husband if I ever feel well enough to throw this quad cane away, push this wheelchair down some hill into a lake somewhere and GO FISHING again someday!!! LOL :)

    Take care,


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    Took it into school to stop them offering tuna fish sandwiches every day that some kids wer eating every day. They ignored me!!!!

    If you google onto Cornell Daily Sun you can read the article re the amounts to eat/not eat. I think not eat is more to the point.

    So it is organic eggs and orgainic tofu and turkey/chicken now and then again. I do eat haddock as it is smaller and I must find out about tilapia though most farmed fish are full of toxins I hear.

    When will we learn not to harm the earth? and the Oceans?

    Love Anne C
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    I like to tell people younger than me that I always knew when it was the end of the month as a kid, because we'd be eating salmon casserole or salmon steaks! In the early 60's, there was an incredible amount of wild salmon available in OR & WA. Your risk of MS is about 5x higher here than anywhere else. We've never known why. Could it be that one is more likely to eat fish high in mercury than any other states?
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    Such a bummer...but probably true. My blood shows somewhat high levels of mercury, and sure enough salmon is a staple of my diet. Compared to other people, I don't think that I eat very much at a time, but I do eat it somewhat frequently...wild, not wild...too bad.

    I do take vitamin E and selenium.

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