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    Hi guys,

    I been having pain for many yrs now and i am just 28 yrs old..I am starting a treatment called CORREACTOLOGY, there are only a couple of people here in canada that are qualified to do...i went for my first session on sathurday ...I willl let u guys know how things move along ,,,the reason being is that alot of plp i know have went and they are pain free..yes pain free!!!! or there other symptoms they had went away!!! soooo i must see it to believe it right!!! so im paying for the treatments and i am praying it works for me as well..if it does this will be a true miracle!!!! You guys should look into it to see if you have something like that there in the state or wherever u are!!! ill keep you all updated!!!

    take care

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    Curious to know how you made out with your treatments. I am going to do the same. I will post my progression.

    My main reason to see a correactologist was upon recommendation of a friend. He praised that this fella had taken away his back pian. I have had back pain as a result of a car accident 25 years ago suffering whiplash. Upon first visit I had a terrible pain in my side. It felt like my bowel was twisted inside and something was jabbing in the back of my ribs! My stomach was sore due to the advil or Tylenol or robaxicet or aleve which none had even touch the pain.

    Now I believe in alternative medicine but know there is a time for meds. I will be skeptical but pay attention to what is going on in my body. I listed all ailments I have such as bipolar disorder, herpes virus, hemroids, smelly gas, arthritis in spine, sore knee blah blah blah...

    After first visit had sharp pain for a short period of time taking it's home in my neck. My neck was very stiff and sore. By next visit the pain had subsided as well as the pain in my side.
    After my treatment last week I have suffered a very painful episode of hemmroids and it is so sore that I believe it could be the herpes as well. On top of that I have slipped into a depressive funk (I do take meds for bipolar), and an amazing blow up with my daughter and wanted to exit the plant my heart hurt so bad. Now I am a recovering alcoholic so I KNOW that the grace of God will get me thru this. Today a healing event has happened for. I felt my mothers love! This is huge.

    Now I don't know if I can give the correactologist all the "credit " for this but I want to feel better in my life! I am going to see him again tomorrow and share my experience with him and be open to see how this next week goes!

    I'll keep ya posted