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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by stschn, Jun 15, 2009.

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    I always get the most information from this new letter. It has hot link to all that he writes about a blessing for the people here with cognitive problems. This new one is really interesting for the viral subset of ME/CFS people as there is a link to Doctor Petersons talk on the 12th in Norway . It's not good news but it is information and I really believe that this man is the one who will break us out of the crap we go through with the CDC and the NIH. It is about one and a half hours long so check it out on what is for you a "good day" Joyce
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    Thank you so much for putting this info out there!

    I know it's soooo hard to keep track of a dozen different sites, but this is one to read, isn't it!

    I am totally crashed today; pelvis neck and shoulders feel broken from grocery shopping yesterday and I was in a scooter!! Amazing how we can do so little and feel so bad.

    Take good care of you...
  3. aftermath

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    Agreed that Cort's Phoenix Rising Website is among the most informative things on the Web with regard to this illness.
  4. Forebearance

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    Oh my gosh, did you guys read the article about the Whittemore-Peterson Institute's presentation at the Reno conference? Wow! I am really excited about the stuff they are discovering and studying.

    I am thrilled that they are looking at the HLA part of chromosome six, which is the same part where people can have a mold-susceptible or lyme-susceptible genotype. Those genotypes cause part of the immune system to not recognize biological neurotoxins. Now the WPI is noticing that other genotypes in that area cause the immune system to not recognize viruses. I can hardly wait to find out what they discover.

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    I read the article! Tis, without doubt, the only thing of consequence regarding CFS I have read in many years. Excluding Montoya's work of course.

    Though at 74 it has little to no relevance for me.
  6. jasminetee

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    Can you please provide the link for the article at Cort's site you are talking about. I went there but didn't see what you were mentioning.

  7. Rafiki

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    Excellent resource with really broad range of topics - from the latest biomedical info to Cort's Gupta experience. Interesting stuff.

    Peace out,
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    Wish I could but I'm just not good on this computor at some point I found the link I think I may have gotten it from the Pacific Fatigue Lab when I was working with them so now I get the newsletter.

    Found it maybe--<> good luck-Joyce[This Message was Edited on 06/16/2009]
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    Thanks for the prompt replies. :)

    Joyce, that's Cort's email that you gave me, but thanks for playing- lol.

    outofstep, that's the right link. I recall trying to read that article a few times in the last few months. It's a lot of info and hard for me to comprehend it all so I'm glad it's back in my radar so I can have another go.

    I am very happy with the WPI and Cort Johnson for working so hard on figuring out our illness.

    Wait a second. I just went back to the top of this thread and reread what you wrote Joyce. You said "there is a link to Doctor Petersons talk on the 12th in Norway." That's different from this article right? I'm not sure where that video is that you're talking about.

    Joyce, if you're on the page with the video, then go up to the Address Bar and Left Click in it and highlight it. (just clicking once should highlight it.) Then Right Click and select Copy then come back here and Right Click again and select Paste. If you feel up to it. :) Oh yeah, it's easiest to do this if you have more than one window open at a time.

    Joyce, I looked up The Pacific Fatigue Lab after reading you were involved in it and came across the Exercise article they published in Jan. of this year. That's cool you worked with them. Were you a patient? I wonder what has become of that study. Are people now using that test to prove they're disabled?

    I recall reading it before. This strikes me as important: "The amount of impairment the Lab sees can be astonishing - some patients suffer as much as a 50% drop in their ability to produce energy the next day. Ms. Stevens spoke of a twenty-something man whose next day exercise tests were worse that those of a normal 85 year old. In a hospital setting his cardiopulmonary exercise profile would suggest he had heart failure."

    And yet most of us PWCs live on after exertion, we just suffer massive amounts of pain, illness and exhaustion for anywhere between hours, days, weeks or months after activity.

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