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  1. crickett

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    Thank you jamin health for replying I called dr today and asked to be put back on my throid med she said yes I could since scan showed no cancer or throid nodgel. I have Ben so irritable from cortef and my fibro has been so bad I can hardly walk from all the nerves firing up . Dr said to quit cold turkey on cortef I have only been on it for 5 days and I always have bad withdrawals when I quit things I do have some standard process adrenals and I did place a order for raw adrenal glanderals . Just really need prayers medicines really scare me . Thank you crickett
  2. munch1958

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    How much Cortef were you on Crickett? What did your lab work show?

    Check out and you will know why it is needed.

    What kind of thyroid were you on?
  3. crickett

    crickett New Member

    Thank you munch 1958 . For replying 2 me. My dr has not done any recent labs on me. Just had a recent ultrasound done and the only thing the scan showed was my thyroid is working but have all the symptoms of hypothyroid . She put me on it to help with my adrenals .05 mg to help with pain and headaches and also fatigue but I was so hyped up I felt like I was plugged into a wired state and very irritable. Since I have come off it nerves are worse than before and headaches are back tried sublingual pregnelone did bot help so now I am trying standard process adrenal I am only taking 1 at the present time !!!
  4. place

    place New Member

    But I was a total B!#@h and angry all the time. So my doc moved me down to 2.5. So much better... sometimes just finding the dose makes a huge difference.

    Can you wean your self down?

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