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  1. lillypad2

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    This stuff helps a lot also I have taken for a 1 1/2 yrs.
    Should I be scared of it. I take 10 mgs a day or more.

    Can anyone answer?

    I hope everyone has a good day today!!!


  2. victoria

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    you are well under what is considered the highest physiologic dose, which is either 18 or 20 mg... so you should be fine! Glad to hear it's helping you; it helped me not to have to take afternoon naps anymore, altho I found I didn't need to stay on it.

    I talked with Dr. Jeffries once, he pioneered the use of physiologic doses of cortisol; this was a few years ago, and at the time he was 85 and had been taking it himself since he was about 50!

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