Cortisol injections for fibro pain relief?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by myaeggi, May 7, 2006.

  1. myaeggi

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    Hi everyone,

    Over the weekend, my MIL sent over an article that she ran across in our local paper. Apparently, there is a "new" treatment for the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia that has been introduced by the Breeman Institute in the Netherlands. Their studies have shown that people with fibro hava a special, timely deficiency of cortsol, a hormone. Based on this study, they took 287 patients and gave them cortisol replacement.

    They found an average of 81% relief within the fiest weeks. The conclusion was the cortisol replacement remarkably aleviated pain and fatigue, causing restful sleep and thus, causing an overall improvement.

    What I was wondering, is, has anyone out there heard of, or tried this therapy and what were the results. At this stage of the game, with all the doctors and treatments I've been through, I'm skeptical of these "cures", so I'd like to hear from anyone on this.

  2. myaeggi

    myaeggi New Member

    Just bumping this message in case anyone can shed some light for me. Thank you
  3. laura81655

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    I don't know anything about the injections but I have been taking 10mg. Cortisol the last six months. It has helped quite a bit of my fibro pain. According to everything I have read and also my doctors this is a microdose and I shouldn't have side effects such as Osteoporosis and High BP from long term use of corticosteroids such as Prednisone. I get it from the FFC doctor- it is a sustained release form from the Compounding Pharmacy.

    Let us know if you find out anymore info on this treatment, sounds interesting.

  4. myaeggi

    myaeggi New Member

    I've tried just about everything, it seems to help with this condition and getting really frustrated. This just sounded different than anything I've done thus far. I'm seriously thinking about going to the clinic that submitted these findings to our local paper here in Phoenix. I will write in if I do and let you all know what comes of it.

    Thanks again,

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