cortisol levels and depression

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    I really could use some input. I had my cortisol checked by blood test fasting in the morning. It came back normal? Something is not right with me and I wish I could find out what. Is this test normal all the time or are saliva tests more accurate?

    I am always anxious and now really depressed especially in the morning. I have been taking 20 mgs of Lexapro. What do you all think it could be?
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    Hi Krissy,

    I see in your profile you have FM.

    You might want to get some extensive blood work done to see if you have bacteria such as lyme disease or viruses as they can cause depression.

    I thought I had FM for many years. Pain and fatigue can cause depression living with it day in and day out.

    I went to a pain specialist for years and she checked my blood and the only thing she ever said was wrong was my thyroid and put me on synthroid. (Even with the synthroid my thyroid wasn't right.)

    She more or less said I had to live with the pain and stiffness and debilitating fatigue. That's depressing.

    I finally decided to try one of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers (Atlanta) where they did extensive blood work and low and behold, I had a lot more wrong than just thyroid.

    They found I had lyme disease and 3 viruses. No wonder I was depressed. They use a special lab for the lyme test that most doctors don't use.

    Now I'm in treatment, taking pain meds to help ease the pain plus they have me on bio-identical hormones because their extensive blood work showed all my hormones --- progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, estrogen were messed up. Basically, my immune system is shot from the viruses and bacteria.

    See if you can find a doctor who will do this extensive type of blood work to find out why you're sick and depressed. I couldn't find any doctors who did this type of blood work previously to going to the FFC.

    If you do a search on here under FFC, you will find all kinds of information on the symptoms people have, the testing they've had done and the results of those tests.

    Just don't give up --- it takes a fighting attitude to uncover the problems we are having.

    I'm certainly not there yet as far as being well but I at least now know what I have instead of just being told to live with it.