cortisol - side effects and fungal infections

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    Hello- i hope someone can shed some light on this- I have been going to the Fibro center- the dr has recommended cortisol and fludrocortisol.

    I am very worried about taking these and the dr does not seem overly concerned about my concerns. They say on them not to take with a fungal infection and I am being treated for candida - I am very confused- i am killing myself in terms of supplements and diet and if the steroids are going to make this worse (and the dr said that I may need them long term) then what is the sense of treating the candida?

    Also I have had problems with weight gain and anxiety and depression and these are listed as possible side effects- I can not take any more of this- if this increases I will likely not be able to work.

    has anyone been on these medicines and have any insight here. thanks a lot
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    I wouldn't take it when it was perscribed to me. I was quite miffed it was even perscribed. I had really low pm cortisol levels, so this was supposed to energize me.

    I have chronic candida too. From other rx medications that were supposed to help me. I took one, not clueing in that "Cortef" was a steroid, and got vaginitis by next day. Threw them out and didn't look back. I balanced my cortisol levels slowly but naturally. The perscriptions tend to have lactose and that is the quickest way to give me a yeast infection, milk sugar for me = trouble.

    I really think it is one of the worst things to give us. It's your body, you always have the right to pass up taking yet another drug. I think the FFC's are great, people are getting better and at least getting heard, but they seem to bombard people w/ too much too fast. And the herxeimer reactions people keep reporting seem intolerable to me, I won't put myself through that anymore.

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    thank you!!! how did you balance your levels naturally?? just curious

    thanks again
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    really, really strongly. We have labile mood swings enough to deal w/, we need a steroid like we need a hole in the head to make that worse. I know someone who has needed them will jump in and probably protest that, so I'll add a disclaimer. My sister has horrid psoriasis and I had a friend w/ life threatening asthma, and they both needed them, and they had no other real option and it treated symptoms.

    I did lots of little things, stopped slacking off about diet, I may have did an antifungal regiment to knock candida back. And did the enzyme/aloe therapy to aid my gut. Basically anything I could think of to give my body a boost, naturally, safely.

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    thanks so much for your input!
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