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  1. sunkenhero

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    in people w/cfids, is the cortisol usually elevated or suppressed?
  2. Juloo

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    In the beginning, it was high. Now it is almost non-existent.
  3. snooker11

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    i think there was a recent study with this. and i don't think they found that cortisol levels are abnormal for fms patients. i think that human growth hormone was found to be deficient.
  4. browneyes259

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    There are two types of Cortisol measurements. One is total and the other is free. Don't ask me what that means, but my total levels were normal, my free levels were low. My doctor put me on a compounded cortisol medication to try and correct about 1 1/2 months ago now.

  5. mbofov

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    You really need to be tested, there's no way to know without testing. My cortisol was quite high, others are low.

    I've read that saliva testing is very good, you have to draw samples 4 times a day for the test, because cortisol levels fluctuate throughout the day. I've had two saliva tests done.

    My high cortisol levels contributed greatly to insomnia and edginess, and I started taking Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) which worked great. I started out with 8 capsules 2 years ago and am down to 2 a day now. But you shouldn't take it without the testing because if your levels are low, obviously, it would be a very bad thing to take.