Cortisone after surgery?

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    Well I hurt my wrist November 2011, 10 months on I'm no better, In fact worse.
    Was diagnosed with De Quervains In my right wrist.
    Went straight for surgery at the 5 month mark.
    Since then I now have ECU tendinitis in both left and right wrist.
    Not to mention I still get intense pain in my right wrist where the surgery should have fixed. I have hand therapy once a week, and feel like I'm getting no where.
    I have seen two specialists and they both don't know what's wrong or how to treat it. A week ago I pleaded with my doctor to try anything. As I am only 21 and can barely look after myself as I am with these wrists. So I got two cortisone injections in my right wrist. Since then I have been in more pain. I have maybe 10 kgs of grip strength on a good day in either of my wrists, and I feel fatigued in my wrist/ arms just driving to the corner shop. Typing, Writing, Vacuuming And hanging washing all cause swelling. Has anyone had this problem before? Or Know of some kind of relief?
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    So you with all this damage going on.

    Cortisone is not an answer a little band aid for a while...but long use, don't...

    Do you wear a brace on wrists? I've seen many with braces on their wrists, a friend uses one and even sleeps with it on...she's old like me...I think she had a surgery some time back.

    Prolothery can help a lot of damaged areas of the joints.. If you can find a prolotherapy doc, that could help... These are injections to help re-build tendons around the joints...

    Surgeries tear down tendons in 100% of surgeries...sad but true.....