Cortisone Injections Helful?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Twain1973, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Twain1973

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    I was just curious if anyone has received cortisone injections (in tissue - not joints). I received my first injection yesterday. Do they help? I was hoping for relief from fatigue and muscle pain.

  2. Juloo

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    I can tell you I've had a couple of odd experiences that I have somehow, in my mind, linked to the injections. Background -- four years ago, then again three months ago (different sides), I've had problems with bone spurs/rotator cuff problems in my shoulders. After my first injection four years ago, the very next day I had a very weird episode of road rage -- that's the only way to put it. I'm a pretty relaxed driver, so it sort of scared me.

    Then just recently, after a couple of years of very regular cycles, another injection, then I had a three-week long period. Scary! That had never happened before.

    My body, for some reason, is just very, very sensitive to fluctuations in hormones -- and no matter how many times my orthopedist says the injections are local, I do believe that they act systemically for me.

    Incidentally, they did make the pain go away!
  3. klutzo

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    I had lots of them into tender points when I first got sick. They usually made me worse for two days, then better for about 3 weeks. After awhile they stopped working. They are not good for you anyway, and many patients report that xylocaine injections work just as well. Some even report that dry needling works, because the pain from the needle uses up the excess substance P at the tender point. (substance P is the neurotransmitter for pain, and is elevated in fibro patients).
    Recently, I had cortisone in the ER for an allergic reaction to bug bites. I became enraged and depressed for about 2 weeks afterwards. This makes me think my natural cortisone level is too high right now.
    One time my doctor had shut her office, and I was desperately looking for a new one when someone told me about one who was a "fibro expert". This doc used ultrasound to find my tender points and injected 5 of them with what I assumed would be the usual dose of 20 mgs. per tender point. When I went to pay the bill I got a huge shock. I asked why it was so much, and found I had been injected with an entire 80 mg bottle at each point, for a total of 400 mgs. at one time! This is malpractice. My white count dropped like a stone and I had blood and protein in my urine. I stayed in doors for a month, afraid I would catch everything in sight. I never went back to that doctor. But, the interesting thing is that for 3 whole weeks after those shots my fibro was completley GONE. Nobody has ever been able to explain this adequately to me. The Rheumy I eventually got hooked up with was told this whole story and just said: "That much cortisone would make the dead get up and walk", which is still not an explanation.
    If I had it to do over, I would not take any cortisone shots. I would try xylocaine.

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  4. ladybird1

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    I had replied about this the other day. Had my first
    injections this past Thursday in neck and shoulder area on
    right side. My rheumy gave me cortisone (and I am pretty
    sure he laced it with lidocaine..saw fluid withdrawn from two vials).

    First 30 minutes after injections (5 to 6), started feeling
    OK, better, slighty euhporic. Then I got sick for the rest of the day. Felt like I was burning up at injection sites.
    Went to bed for evening after taking my Soma and Trazodone.
    When I awaken the next morning, my shoulder and neck felt
    70 percent better. Still one sore spot (when I had the biggest trigger point). My doc said he could not give me
    injections for all the trigger points he felt on both sides of my neck/shoulders and lower back. Only hit the worse ones.

    AFter reading other post on this support group, I found out that the cortisone may be lurking in your system for up to 1 year. From what I've read we may get a few weeks to a few months of relief. Some folks get none. IT's highly variable.
  5. Juloo

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    It was an unexpected confirmation to read your comment about becoming 'enraged' after ER cortisone injections. After all this, I'm mostly immune to thinking I'm crazy, but sometimes I really wonder if I'm making the right connections between cause/effect. It helped to hear your story.
  6. rebel450

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    I had one in soft tissue of shoulder and arm, worked for about 1 month, unfortunately I also did not sleep for that month also. I would not do it again.
    Hope it works for you.
  7. Twain1973

    Twain1973 New Member

    It seems that this DD makes me feel like I am going crazy. I am so happy (sorry) to hear that others have had strange experiences after having cortidsone injections. I am usually a quiet and even tempered person. Last night, however, I was a mess. I was very angry and felt like throwing and breaking things. Thank God I have an understanding boyfriend. I thought this outburst was just because I have been really sick for too long - never connected it to the injection. So far my pain has not eased up at all. I am trying to remain hopeful. Thanks again for all the info and support. I'll know which questions to ask at my next Dr. appt.

  8. baybe

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    I have had cortisone in the joints and had some short term relief. I took the lidocaine injections off and on for over a year. I did this mostly because people told me too and I sometimes do things to prove to others, especially doctors that I am trying very hard to find the answer for this illness. Finally, I stopped because they caused me pain and really didn't help, and decided maybe the doctors and holistic practioners should be the ones trying things out and proving things to me instead or vice versa. Sometimes I think we are just a giant money pit into which health sources continually dip for basic cash flow. Like you can always depend on the fibro/mps/cfs crowd to cover the bills. The doctor charged me $200 an injection because he said he was breaking the surface and injecting something so he could bill it as a surgery, he gave me exactly 3 injections every time, that was the max insurance would pay. Strikes me strange that I always needed 3 never more or never less. Finally told my doctor how I felt about it and he told me it was ok to stop he wasn't really sure how he felt about them either. Sometimes we try so hard to prove ourselves.