Cortisone injections

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by roseants, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. roseants

    roseants New Member

    Has anyone had cortisone injections? My Dr. suggested injestions today (one each side, both shoulders and lower back, lumbar region) he said they have helped lots of people but only last 3 weeks. He said it relaxes the muscles of the upper shoulder/back and lumbar region, thus relieving the pain (shoulders, arm, neck and back and leg)that goes with these muscles being tense and inflamed. Has anyone done this??? Has it helped? I passed today, but wondered how it worked for you all.

  2. bandmom90

    bandmom90 New Member

    and it helped relieve discomfort, inflamation but not all the pain. My last spine dr made me stop because I had so many he was afraid it would or had damaged my bones. Had a bone scan and everything was fine, but he still wouldn't give me any more. It won't hurt to try it. Everyone reacts differently and any relief sometimes help. My mother-in-law had injections in her shoulder and said it didn't help.I hope this helped you.
  3. hawkspirit

    hawkspirit Member

    I've had 3 injections: 2 for knee joint problems, one for rotator cuff problems. The last one caused a vaso-vagal reaction and I almost passed out. Fortunately I was still in the exam room at the time, and after lying down for 30 seconds on the table I was okay. It was embarrassing -- I felt like a total wimp!

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