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    Hi, I am new to the board and am feeling my way around. I have been taking 350 mg. of Lyrica a day for about a year now. It has really helped my fibro symtoms but I have gained about 20 pounds. I heard about Savella today and that it doesn't have the weight gain bit that is associated with Lyrica. Does anyone know anything about that? Also, a price comparison??? Right now I am in the donut hole and am paying full price. Help!!
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    Hi, RuthieP. I am taking Savella.I have been on it since it came on the market. I don't know the out of pocket cost for Lyrica, but the out of pocket cost for Savella is around 130.00 per month for 60 pills.

    The dr. will start you out on the sample pack and then titrate you up to the normal dose which is 50 mg. twice a day.

    It has really helped my fatigue and has seemed to help my feet more than any thing else. I was really having a time with my feet. I couldn't stand or walk very long without terrible pains in both of them.

    I have osteoarthritis all over my body, so that hurts all the time also.
    I have had a few side affects One of them was nausea, but it was very fleeting and it is about gone. The other one is excessive sweating.

    That is bothersome, But maybe this winter I won't have to wrap up in a blanket all winter. LOL.

    I gained weight on Lyrica and had major swelling in my feet and legs. It didn't help me at all.
    I have lost 12 pounds since being on Savella. That ias a plus for me
    because I need to lose a lot.

    I have ins. that pays some on mine, but I liked to have never got them to agree to pay. I paid for the first month out of pocket.

    Then I was paying 76.00 and ins. was paying 56.00. This month
    my rheumy wrote it for 3 months so I could order it. I called to see how much it would cost and it only going to cost 110.00 for 3 months by ordering it through the mail.

    Your dr. might can write the company and explain your situation and they could give you yours.

    Well ,sorry this is so long, but feel free to ask me questions about
    any of this. You can go over to the fibro board and post to cathugs, or we can stay over here. Best of luck..........((cathugs))