cost of lidocaine patches $ 375.00 is that expensive?

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    I was on methadone for fibromyalgia & am off .It did help me for 15 years but due to wanting to be off it .I am looking for other alternatives .I have Tmj syndrome , severe fibromyalgia & lumbar discogenic syndrome. I also take Effexor Xr 150mg , baclofen muscle relaxor 10mg & Restoril.This recent doctor prescribed lidocaine patches for fibromyalgia but are not covered by Medicare Part D.The cost is $375.00/ perscription.Does anyone where one can get lidoderm patches less expensive in northeatern Pa. or else where? Do they really work for fibromyalgia????I do not want to take Methadone again or narcotics!!! It was easy coming off methadone even though I have heard other say different. Since I was on it for 15 years I was very scared but wheened myself off it in 10 days. The problem is one doctor told me I did not fit the criteria for being on methadone even though it's controversial. I was told in the state of Pa. to be on Methadone one has to have lumbar spine failed back syndrome. So how can one doctor do such a thing to a patient & felt I have been some what used as an example.Even though numerous doctors(pain medicine clinic) in Phil, Pa. which has the utmost preestigous title had no problem prescribing methaone for me the 4 years I was a pain medicine patient there & had actually written aletter stating that my fasmily M.D. prewscribe it but would not do so. Also, I actually talked to other people & found out he had run it problems with prescribing narcoctics.
    Do lidoerm pathecs or similar patches work for fibromyalgia & lumbar discogenic sydrome???? Please help me desperate so I don't want to take any narcoctics again if I can avoid them!!!!!!
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    First of all, lidocaine patches are for small areas of use. It will take care of a small, centralized pain problem.

    If Methadone helped you, and someone was happy to prescribe it for you for all those years, why the problem now?

    If your use of the methadone was not requiring more and more of it, and you were able to function on it, as it is much easier to do than with morphine and any number of other things, then try to find someone to prescribe it.

    Virtually no family doctors will prescribe it except for terminal patients.

    Physicians other than pain management are afraid of being hounded by the Boards and the FEDs about prescribing it, so forget it.

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    It sounds like an awful amount of money to me. Maybe shopping around might help. With a zillion drugstores out there you might find a discount.


    P.S. I know that many people do not like it, but high doses of Elavil really help me to sleep and keep me out of more pain. Of course, though, I take it with Percocet and Ultram.

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    The patches are very expensive. I'm not sure where you can get them cheaper.

    I've heard many here say how much they help with their pain. I have neck and back injuries that have left with with severe pain on top of my fibromyalgia. The patches don't come close to touching my pain. For that amount of money, I don't think they're worth it. But then again, I haven't found any medication that helps with my pain either.

    Keep in mind that everyone's body responds differently.

    I hope someone here has some suggestons on how to find them cheaper so you can at least try them.


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    I had received an Rx for them this last March. I had asked for them becuz an aquaitance had told me they were good for my postherpetic neuralgia.

    This Rx was not paid by my medicare advantage program or by my AHCCCS(Arizonia Medicaid). So I used the AZ Copper Card also known as RX America(drug savings card endorsed by the Governor of AZ).

    With the drug savings card, I was able to save a small amount(Can't remember what it was). Anyway I paid $163.00
    for a 30 count box of patches 10cm x 14cm.

    The brand name is/was ENDO.They are Lidoderm Lidocaine Patch 5%. There is 30 Individually wrapped (Envelope). Each patch is 10cm X 14cm and contains 700mg(50mg per gram adhesive. You can cut the patch to size or use whole patch. You are advised to keep patch on for 12 hours and then have patch removed 12 hours. They say that it keeps working when you take it off.

    I, myself do not use them on my fibro pain due to my fibro pain covers a large area and is wide spread. I do cut the patch in half length wise, and put on my spine for my degnerative disc disease(arthritis),at bedtime. This gives me relief and I use it on my hip, upper rear area for my postherpetic neuralgia(PHN), that I have from my chronic shingles that appears in the same area. I can cut the patches even smaller. I also try to use the patches over again and leave them on longer the second time around. Like reusing a tea bag, getting the most for your money.

    I had bought mine at Osco on March, 2006. I would call around to see who has the best price. I have heard on an ABC's Good Morning America that Price/Costco Club and Sam's Club offer the cheapest prices.

    Good luck to you,
    Love and hugs,


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    I'm so sorry for so much pain u are going through. Nothing is cheap, especially medicine. &lt;BR&gt;
    My husband &amp;i are both on the lidocaine patch; he has fibromyalgia &amp; back disc problems&lt;BR&gt;
    For which he was operated on for years ago, but came back due to the continued work &lt;BR&gt;
    He did. I have a herniated disc, &amp; curvature of the spine along with arthritis. We are both &lt;BR&gt;
    On pain meds., but these patches do honestly work. We use them before bed &amp; have good&lt;BR&gt;
    Results. We have insurance, but these patches do cost a lot of money even so. If they work&lt;BR&gt;
    For u, get this in favor of methadone. I wish u well &amp; hope ur pain will subside.
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    I just got my AARP medicare complete's drug changes. The lidocaine patch is a tier 3 which for me is $78.00 for a month's worth. I get $311.10 a month after taxes and medicare insurance auto pay. I have used the lidocaine patch and thought that they were really nice to assist when I wanted a break from my narcotic's but at this out of this workd price I wil have to find some thing else to help ease my aches and pains. I am sorry that it costs you so much. I would go back to the methadone if it worked for before. &lt;BR&gt;
    Hope you can get some comfort and easing of your pain.&lt;BR&gt;
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    I know what the green cream is that your talking about. My niece is married to a Chiropractor. He gave us a gallon bottle {which cost $500.00} of it several years ago and we are still using out of it. It is Biofreeze. He actually mixes that and Sombra together. They are both great. You can buy them in small packages.
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    These patches are super expensive and are not worth a dime!! Of course, that is my humble opinion!!&lt;BR&gt;
    I was prescribed them for my knee before I got my total knee replacement. They did not phase the pain.&lt;BR&gt;
    I have spinal cord damage in my back and put one on my low back ... same ... nothing .. no relief.&lt;BR&gt;
    I only had to pay a $10 copay for them, but still won't waste $10 on them anymore!!
  10. SBear

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    Those patches are imported from Japan and they're outrageously overpriced. There is a lidocaine cream that does just as well or better, and it's reasonably priced. Talk to your doctor----most times they have no idea how unbelievably expensive their prescriptions are.
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    I get mine thru my Medicare part D program...cost me $6.50 for 30 of them....&lt;BR&gt;
    I also cut them and put them in front of my ears for my TMJ....&lt;BR&gt;
    Maybe you just need to put them on your formulary with your ins carrier...&lt;BR&gt;
    They need to up dated on what meds you add the patches to your formulary....&lt;BR&gt;
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    are u still looking for licoderm patches?
  13. Mike skwizzy

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    Do you still need the licoderm patches? I'm from nepa
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    Has anyone tried the Aspercreme with 4% lidocaine? Might be better than nothing and it's certainly going to be cheaper than Lidoderm