Costo chondritis busted with Xanax - how bizarre

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by G.I.Jane, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    Hi everybody! - I hope you all had a great holiday season :) I don't often post, I usually just research past posts for information/advice. I wanted to pass on my success for others with my problem - I injured my chest muscles early 2005 and have struggled with costo chondritis (sp?) all year. I've definitely improved, though veeeryy slowly. My husband and I took a belated honeymoon to Hawaii recently (yay:) but unfortunately the long trip there and back did a serious number on me and my chest inflammation/tenderness/pain/spasms returned on the double. My doctor and I started speaking about the vicious cycle of severe pain and spasms and how the resulting muscle tension just makes things worse, keeping you in pain - stuck. She suggested relaxing my muscle tension with xanax. I was skeptical (who isn't after all the drugs we try, right?), but by the next day I had virtually zippo pain or spasms. Since, my pain is almost nonexistant, my spasms haven't reared their ugly head, and my energy is great. I'm taking very little a day, half what I was given - my dr. recommended trying out what works, and this does, so I won't increase it. I plan to go off once I'm a little stronger activity-wise, but in the meantime, for those of you who might find this interesting, here it is. I wonder whether it could've helped me a while back, but who knows! I'm not a fan of meds, so I'll definitely stop as soon as possible, but I have to admit this time that meds have helped immensely - I'm a new woman over here :D Just thought I should pass on my positive experience - you just never know what can help I guess :)) Wish you all well, and God Bless.
  2. darude

    darude New Member

    Be very careful coming off this!!!!!!! The withdrawl is one of the worst on the benzos. I still take occasionally and it does take away most of the pain. Good luck!
  3. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    klonopin helps my costo. the benzos are definitely good in a pinch for some of our most irritating symptoms (sensory overload, costo, etc.)

  4. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    was just an anti anxiety drug. I know I took it on doctor's advice for awhile after my mother died but it did nothing for spasms for me. I'm glad it has for you though.

  5. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    At first I thought it was a heart attack, but now I know and I was already on Xanax, but today took 1 mg. extra and feel better. Also have taken an aspirin and Lortab.

    I got this costo from reading a heavy 1000 page novel and holding it on my lap for over 400 pages worth. Hard to believe isn't it.

    I've been suffering since a bit after Christmas. Just seem to keep doing things to cause the pain to stay around. Tonight I hope I can get some sleep.

  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I have cfs, anxiety/depression and take xanax every day, .25 four times a day it helps with my pain,anxiety and the cfs. I think I would be no functional without it..I have been on them this time for about 4 years and so far never increased my dosage..

    About 10 years ago before the cfs, I had
    anxiety and was but on xanax I took it for over 2 years every day and as my anxiety
    decreased I would forget to take the xanax..Had no problems at all getting off them..I know I could come of them without any problems and I have but they help so much with my medical problems I chose to stay on the xanax..

    So I have nothing but good to say about the drug..
  7. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    Hi everybody - thanks for all your replies! I will take your warnings to heart, however I don't know whether to expect a problem - I take a .25mg pill a day or one .25 plus half of one . . . which from what I've read from the other posts this is a super low dose in comparison. Hopefully that means I wouldn't have trouble coming off it, but I did hear about the withdrawal issues prior to this and plan on halving my pill when I stop anyway, just in case. Take care everybody, and thanks again :))

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