Costo has kicked up after smelling perfume, just awful

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Nov 30, 2008.

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    I had made the mistake of smelling some new perfumes at the mall with my sister just yesterday. I have FM and the dreaded costochondritis problem. I have been pretty lucky, my costochondritis has not kicked up in a while, so I became a little careless the other day.

    I know full well that I can not handle strong perfumes. I may also have chemical sensitivity the way a lot of us FM people do. I don't wear the typical perfums and my hand lotions are all fragrance free.

    Well, I just wanted to smell some pretty perfume like I used to 15 years ago before I became troubled with costo. Anyway, my sister reminded me that I shouldn't be smelling the perfumes because she said "knowing you, and how sensitive you are, this will kick up your fibro in some way" I was so surprised she even said that because sometimes I think she wants to forget that I have this horrible condition. I knew she was right, but I went ahead and sniffed anyway, LOL.

    Now, I have light headedness, dizziness, worse brain fog, tight chest, and that awful feeling in my chest so typical of costo. This was my fault I know, I just wanted to be somewhat normal and smell some nice perfume. Now, I am sitting here with a hot water bottle to my chest and I will soon have to take some Advil. Usually, this takes care of the problem until my body can get rid of the chemicals I just inhaled.

    Just needed to vent about this and I know this is not such a huge issue, but just another common annoyance we have to deal with. Perfume, hair spray, room deodorizers will usually give me these issues, plus my fascial skin also gets a tad bid red for about 2 hours after I smell these kinds of things.

    Anyone else with multiple chemical sensitivities? Hugs Chelz.

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