Costochondritis anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JP, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. JP

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    had a trip to the ER on Friday. The attending physician determined that I had costochondritis. Has anyone had this? How can you make it better?? How does it occur? How do we avoid it?? What a painful experience. I would like to hear what others know about this painful condition. Is it common to FMS?

  2. SuzieQ

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    I have had costochondriatis for several years now and nothing has taken it away. It is worse when I use chest muscles, but nothing has really made it better. I guess this isn't very positive...but I don't think all people hold on to it forever..just Susan
  3. tes

    tes New Member

    It is a very scary symptom. I have had chest pains daily now for 9 years. Now I suffer from rib pain in the lower area(where stomach is). I really haven't found much relief and the cold weather makes it noticebly worse. Do you have the lower rib pain as well? Take care. Tes.
  4. Mom2Two

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    What is costochondritis? Chest pains?
  5. JP

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    costochondritis is an inflammaation of the cartilage of the ribs, where they connect at the sternum...feels like a heart attack and the symptoms are close enough with exception to the results of the physical exam. When the doc pushes down on the affected area, pain increases. If it were a heart attack, the pain would not increase with pressure.

    thanks for asking...Jan
  6. sierrasioux

    sierrasioux New Member

    yes, as a matter of fact, i am flared up right now with this. Close to 20 years ago I was diagnosed with this-the dr called it teitze's syndrome. That was the name of the dr who founded this disease.
    For those of you that don't understand about this-go to the google search and you can learn about this painful disease.
    My rheumatologist told me that with fibromyalgia patients that it is common and more so on the left side, well mine is swollen and painful on the right side.
    I just take my Bextra (anti-inflammatory) that I use for my arthritis and when it is really painful I take vicodin--that is how painful it can get.
  7. tes

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    Mine hurts everday and it can get pretty bad. I have the dull ache in my ribs constantly. Can costochondritis affect the lower ribs as well. I do have pain in my chest, but for almost 7 months I now have it in my lower rib really bad. If anyone knows if it can affect the lower ribs, below the breast area, please let me know. God bless. Tes.