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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sleepershedreams, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. I have not told anyone about the chest pain that I have been having. Its a burning pain, needly feeling pain, pressure, ache, sometimes very sharp pains, I feel it in my left shoulder and down my arm also mostly the left side. Sometimes my heart feels like its working too hard it feels like its a heavy thumping in my chest and sometimes races for no reason.

    Id never heard of Costochondritis. I have Fibromyialgia & CFIDS/ME. I dont feel comfortable telling my doc about the chest pain. I dont even think he would know what this Costochondritis is. How is someone diagnosed? Or even know its not their heart? I have so much going on I am hesitant to even approach the doc about this pain. He will just think Im crazy.

    I have high pain tolerance ... threshhold? but this oain is crazy. I dont want pain pills. I am exhausted with having more questions than answers.

    thanks ....
  2. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    I hate it that you are in pain but I really think you should see a Dr to rule out any heart problems. Better to let your Dr think you're crazy than to have something wrong and not know it.
    Hope you get better soon. MIP
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Any new symptoms need to be checked out. We cannot afford to assume anything. Not to scare you but we have had members here who were having heart attacks and assumed it was realted to their FMS or CFIDS.

    If it does turn out to be costo, it can be treated with a small steroid injection between the ribs next to the sternum. If you do not want steroids, you can take anti-inflammatories and ice up the chest area. First, though, get this checked out. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie

    JBFYULEE New Member

    I was having chest pain for over a month before I went to see my Primary Care physician. He did an EKG and examined me by pressing on a certain area in the rib cage and it was like he hit a trigger point. Trigger points I am very familiar with since I have had FM for 20 years. But this was different.
    He said, "you must have moved something too heavy". Well not that 'I could remember' anyway. It has been several years and 'I can't remember' what he prescribed but it didn't resolve the problem until I told my podiatrist about it and with my acupuncture treatment-he addressed the Costachondiritis -and voila it took care of the problem and I haven't had it since.
    I found a podiatrist 4 years ago that treats FM with acupuncture and only uses sites below the knees. WOW --- what a difference that has made for me. I can be in a major flare up with pain off the scale and he can turn it around with 2 treatments. Halleujah!!! I haven't had a trigger point injection since he started treating me and I can tell you that is one thing I don't miss.
    My husband insisted I go see our Primary Care Physician. Since he has Coronary Artery Disease, we know about heart problems. After a normal EKG-that eased my mind, the exam revealed the real problem. Chest pain, is just not something you can put off, if you don't feel that your doctor is capable of taking care of that-you may need to find a good cardioilogist. We have a wonderful Primary Care Physician who is not afraid to get you to a dr. that has the expertese that you need. Word of mouth is also good advertisement. Being worried that something 'may be wrong' can be as bad as addressing 'what is wrong', because of the stress level involved. I hope you find someone to resolve this issue for you really soon.
  5. charlenef

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    i can only give you info that i got from the dr i seen .first i had to wear a 24 halter monitor have an ekg and sonogram they told me i have a underlying sinnus arrythmia im doing another test . the dr told me that what is happening is the bottom part of my heart is not pumping fast enough so when it fills with blood the top part contracts to push the blood out and that is where the thump is coming from hope this has helped charlene
  6. zoemurr

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    That if it hurts more when you push on it then it is not your heart, because you can't get to your heart. (It is then the muscles in between.) I went a few times for EKGs because I was sure I was having heart attacks the pain was so bad. I tried a lot of things, but what finally helped was the chiro. She was very gentle, and helped get things back into place. :)

    Go get it checked out though.. you'll feel better.

  7. cct

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    One doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with me. The chest pains that I was having were the result of arthritis in my ribs!

    It took years to get a diagnosis. Doctors kept taking EKG's and finding no abnormalities. One emergency doctor did not even bother with an EKG. He just shoved some nitro down my throat!

    Well, I have low blood pressure to start with and the nitro almost killed me! My blood pressure dropped down to 50/20!

    The good news is that same doctor referred me to a female cardiologist who only works with women (women's hearts work differently than men's). It was the women's heart specialist who finally diagnosed the problem.

    If you PCP does not have the expertise to give you a proper evaluation, I would suggest calling his office and getting a referal to a cardiologist, IMMEDIATETLY ! ! !
  8. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    Ive had many boughts of this. The first time I had it it took me three days before I finally went to Doctors...the nurse practitioner who saw me flippe dout and thought I had an embolism because for three days I couldnt breath without leaning to the right side because my left side of my chest/ribs hurt when I inhaled and my ribs her too. Sooooo off to the ERR I went thinking I was dying of an embolism or a clot. After CAT scans and such, the ER Doc said it was Costrochondritis which is common in Fibro patients. I still get like that I just dont go to Docs because all they will do is give me anti-inflammatory drugs and I dont take RXs. Its an aweful feeling though...feels like youre having a heart attack and you cant breathe or sit comfortably. As a matter of fatc I had pains last night and today again. I know Im getting sick so it may be triggering the Costro. I was told by Doc that virla infections can trigger it.

    Good luck! Hope you feel better soon.

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