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    Has anyone here dealt with costochondritis? I was diagnosed with it two weeks ago after having it for probably the last 2-3 months off and on. It got so bad two weeks ago I went to the doctor thinking I was having a heart attack. She assured me my heart was fine but that I had this major chest wall inflammation thing going. She put me on Ibuprofen 3x day and hot packs. She offered muscle relaxants but I have so many medication reactions I didn't wat to try it. I have anxiety on top of it all. What I want to know from anyone who has had this is: do you have this stiffening along with the pain from the upper chest down to below the rib cage? Mine comes and goes but some days it scares me really bad when it comes into my upper chest because I feel like I can't breath. Even though I am, it is a very scary feeling for several hours. The pain has subsided a lot but still getting this stiffness that will overcome my chest area for several hours at a time.
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    It is a scarey thing to have, I get the pain in entire chest wall and breasts so bad that I am afraid to move. about a year ago I got zapping pains from near the front of the shoulder across the chest to the other shoulder, every couple minuets, after 8 hours I went to the er, after the heart tests were done the DR. said costo.

    Sometimes I get it under the breast and the pain will go up through the breasts to the shoulders, other times it in the upper chest, but it always scares me no matter what. My Dr. said push around and if you feel spots that hurt from pushing it is not heart.

    I just read an article by Simons and Travell, they do a lot of writing about fm, they say costo if fm of the chest wall. Do not understand that because costo is inflamatory and fm is not.

    Hang in there, heat helps me, at least some relief.

    Hugs, Linda
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    It is quite scary. I usually get a severe attack once a year, however, off and on I will feel a little twinge on my left side rib cage. When it is severe it usually lasts a few days to no more than a week. I was so concerned I went to my doctor who diagnosed costochronditis. He said to take Advil. I also have one of those pain patches which I use at night and I am able to sleep pretty well. Of course I have to sleep on my back and not move around. The scariest part for me is not being able to take a deep breath because that's when the sharp pain hits, or when I laugh it happens. I wish there was a cure for it.
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    Thanks so much for the detailed information. I have looked it up online but still couldn't figure out how long this could last. Now I know; sometimes a long time. Also, I still don't know but highly suspect: is this what is also causing that "stiff" feeling in the same areas? Sometimes I don't really have the pain but will get a really tight feeling like you get with fibro in other places.

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    Rubbing Vicks vapor rub on my sternum/ chest really helps . It has oil of turpentine in it . I read about it on The People's Pharmacy site .

    my doc thinks costo is a viral related issue that inflames the tissue around the sernum. I also had GOOD luck taking the natural Antiviral " olive leaf extract"
    which has been studied and safe. I took 2 capsules 3 X a day til it got better . It did help, with the vicks.

    When I have the problem, my chest between breasts feels bruised . Good luck!
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    I have a bronchial problem on the right side and the inflammation from it is causing the costo chondritis. I've had it before and if it doesn't go away, I'll have the injection of cortisone between my ribs at the sternum. That does the trick.

    I've been icing the chest area to get rid of the inflammation as well as using my inhaler and taking ibuprophen. It seems to be getting better.

    Love, Mikie