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    I posted this on another post but didn't get any replies so I thought maybe if I changed the title it would help get some replies.

    Anyway, I was complaing this week about side/rib/back pain. You can read my earlier post if you want but what I wanted to say was that I haven't been to my Dr. but I work at a hospital a couple of days a week so I had lab work done Thursday and all of my labs came back real good. I especially wanted to know how my liver enzymes were so I ran a complete liver panel plus a lot of other tests and they all came back real good.

    So, I'm thinking now that this is probably costochondritis. The question I wanted to ask tonight was if a person's ribs will hurt that low down with costo and if the pain could radiate into the stomach area. This pain is constant, more like a burning pain that feels like it draws and throbs every once in a while. It feels like it is in my ribs, side and even down the abdominal muscle on the side and of course in the back area around the bottom of my ribs.

    I do have costo in my chest and upper ribs and it hurts like **** so I know how bad the pain can be and I just wondered if anyone else has ever had costo in this area: the lower rib/side/gallbladder area and if so, what did you do for it.

    Thanks for listening to me. I really appreciate it. Writing on this board this week has been very therapeutic for me. I welcome any advice or just opinions.


    P.S. Thanks, Prickles

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    at the bottom of my ribs that pulls my tummy it is cmp what you can try is put your four fingers under your rib cage and rub back and forth in front and rub in circles around to your back. make shur your hitting all the muscles this releases mine dont over do it. charlene
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    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate them and though I'm not glad anyone else is suffering it is nice to have someone to talk to about this.

    BTW, Does anyone use rice packs and if so, where do you get them. I have one I bought a few years ago but it is wore out and I tried to make one but it didn't turn out right for some reason.

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    BUMP!! Hopefully to get more replies
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    I have pain in my rib cage area and actually all over my front side. I asked my doctor about it this week and she said that FM patients don't deep breathe using their stomach. She said to stretch that area try deep breathing with your stomach. Also try stretching with an exercise ball. FM tend to slouch and not hold their shoulders back causing that area not to be exercised which causes pain in the rib cage area.
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    Thanks for the replies and I did read your posts Nanjee and I appreciate you telling me about them. I have read the Trigger point therapy book by Claire Something. I can't remember the last name.

    It was a great book but I only borrowed it from my library. I think I need to buy it. I really liked it.

    When I went to PT and massage therapy they both told me I had knots all over my back and shoulder and thats what they tried to work on but didn't seem to do much good.

    Again, thanks. MIP
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    i make my own rice packs just buy extra long socks and a bag of rice fillthe sock with a funnel its very cheap too. charlene
  9. TaniaF

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    Yes, my costochondritis affects my sternum, collar bone, ribs and the epi-gastric bones in the diaphram. Feels like my upper stomach is on fire some days. This costo is also under the myofascial pain syndrome. I get this syndrome quite often.


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