Costro and feeling like a swelling under the left rib?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Has anyone experienced this.. It is really uncomfortable.. feels kind of like bloating.. but a strange sensation there..
    My Dr checked me a few wks ago. and said I had a sprained and strained back..
    DH has really gained weight and well.. kind of a touchy subject but after making love about a month ago a few days later.. My whole back started hurting on the left side..
    I went to the Drs after the pain was bad and she put me on a muscle relaxer and a high dose of Ibuprofen.. I'm not able to take any other pain meds so only take that when I really have to..
    So took that for a while and it kind of helped but now it feels like it is swelled and kind of the strange feeling there.. so I went back to see her last week and she said it was definitley the Costro.. and told me that she was fine if my Insurance covered to go see a Chiopractor or someone that does::

    kinesiology /ki·ne·si·ol·o·gy/ (ki-ne?se-ol´ah-je)
    1. the sum of what is known regarding human motion; the study of motion of the human body.
    2. a system of diagnosis based on the theory that muscle dysfunction is secondary to subclinical structural, chemical, or mental dysfunction in other parts of the body; using manual muscle testing to help identify the primary dysfunction and treating by attempting to correct the underlying state.
    So my question is.. has anyone experienced this issue with the costro and had any of this type of treament? and if so.. did it help..

    I know I sure haven't been in any mood for sex any more.. lol .. Sheesh.. its like the last thing i want to think about.. at this time.......
    Thanks for your help and replies in advance.. Also..
    Which bra helps You the most with the costro?
    I have been all over trying to find something.. and not having any luck. :(
    Thanks again, Deb

  2. Jittle

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    As far as a bra, can't help you there. I try every so often to find a new one that is comfortable and still helps. After about 10 bras and a half hour I am usually tired and upset so I give up.
    Constro was the first symptom of FM I had. I literally lived with it for over a year before I found a doctor that knew what I had and helped me. My orginal doc actully told me it was stress and put me on zoloft: I wish I knew were he was now.
    If you can try to take it - When mine flares up I take indomethican: I usaly get a flare up in april or any time the weather is rainy and cool out for a while. The prescription is for 10 days. I did take that the first few times, but now only need a couple of days for it to work.

    Hope it helps
    Good luck.
  3. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Thank You for your reply.. I have tried that particular meds but hurt my stomach, worse then the Ibuprofen...
    I know the feeling on the trying on bras.. By the time I leave the store I am in so much pain .. and that, I'm sure doesn't help... Thanks for the info!..
    Take care.. Gentle Hugs,
  4. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Thanks for your reply Jam.. I have been looking for sport bras.. so far not had much luck.. either they are too tight and then if I get a size bigger.. they don't want to fully cover me.. or feel like I am ahh fallin out.. lol... when I get a bigger size..
    I've been to Walmart, JC Pennys, Kohls, today I went to Kmart.. found a Maidenform one that isn't too bad but towards the evening must be there is swelling and it irritated it some but not like it was with my other bras..
    I did see some at Macy's online so I ordered two different ones there.. Hopefully they will be here by the end of the week..
    I'm not sure where else to look.. ?
    Thanks again for your replies back on this..
  5. Jittle

    Jittle Member

    There is a bra on tv: don't no how reliable "tv items" are, but this bra promised to be so comfortable. I saw it once and have been looking for it again. Keep an eye out for the program: I think they advertise it as the gennie bra, but I could be completely wrong. The infomerical may say "best bra ever". It's like a sports bra: It is suppose to be very comfortable, gives support, and does not have wires.
    If it does not cost a lot I am going to order it once I find it again. Once I find the program or website I will let you know.
  6. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    You might want to ask your doctor for an evaluation by a physical therapist. IMHO, a physical therapist is better trained than a chiropractor.

    Have you had other tests such as a sonogram checking that area to make sure it's nothing internal.

    I don't think muscle testing will help as there is no scientific studies that show it is effective. When it comes to your health, it's not worth it to rely on something like this for a diagnosis. Again this is my opinion.

    I also have costochondritis and have found a sports bra is about the only kind of bra I can wear. If I remember correctly, someone on this board mentioned something called, Barely There or something like that. Maybe someone else remembers.

    I had a sonogram for my heart two years ago and it was very painful. Same goes for mammograms.

    Good luck.


    ETA Just saw that you are not having luck with sport bras. :(

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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Is an inflammation between two ribs. The ibuprophen is good for inflammation but it's usually not enough to get rid of the pain. Costo pain will shoot out the back in the shoulder blade and the pain can migrate down the arm. A good sports doc, a physiatrist who is a doctor of physical medicine, can identify the spot and inject a little cortisone to get rid of the inflammation. Most of us don't like steroids but severe costo is one instance where only a steroid will eliminate the inflammation.

    I've had several bad bouts of it following respiratory infections. I can run my finger down my sternum and put a little pressure between the ribs. When I hit the spot that is so sore it almost makes me faint to press on it, I know where to tell the doc to inject.

    Love, Mikie
  8. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Thanks for all who answered.. I did find a Sports bra that isn't too bad.. it is a Maiden Form.. has like breath able tiny holes in the front in just a bit of the bra .. I got a size bigger then what I needed but glad I did. .I washed it with cold water and hung it up and it still shrunk a tiny bit.. Actually have it on now.. Althought there seems to be swelling around my rib cage today.. feel like I could take it off.. lol but It doesn't feel good without anything on.. the tag says it is a cross trainer sports bra.. so it has medium support.. Most of them don't have much support and with being a D cup. I need it because it hurts worse if they don't have some kind of support.. It does feel pretty good about support all the way around which I must be needing it in the middle and upper back part for that seems to feel good with that part on..

    In regards.. to testing.. she didn't mention anything about any testing or Xrays.. I thought perhaps an Xray that way to make sure one of my ribs on that left side aren't cracked or something.. It isn't so much pain as I can feel the inflammation.. and swelling..

    My Ex sister inlaw, had something similiar to this over the winter.. but hers went away.. She has MS.. and she said to try to take the protonix so that will keep any type of bloating away for I am bloated some too that will help with the swelling keeping that cleared,.and then she said her Dr told her years ago to take Titralac Plus Antacid.. she said that helps with all of that.. so have to get me some to try .. She only took the Ibuprofen for hers too.. She went to get an ultrasound of her gall bladder too just to make sure that was Ok..

    The first thing when I went in.. when I told her about the side and back.. she asked,. " You don't have shingles do you?" I said well I don't think so.. there was only a few small blisters under the left breast, up under it just about.. she said well You can still have shingles with out the rash and large blisters.. that you can sometimes have a really mild case.. but apparently she ruled that out.. so..
    I've just been going with what she told me and diagnosed as the Fibromyalgia and Chostrocondritis.. the first time I went she had on the paperwork.. sprained and strained back.. so go figure.. Its rainy here in the central NY area, So I am sure that isn't helping.. I felt a bit better the other day.. I did try some green tea and then been taking Zithromax for a sinus infection........
    Thanks again for everyone who answered and offered help.. I appreciate it.
  9. Jittle

    Jittle Member


    Sorry it took a while but I was able to find the bra I mentioned in my earlier post. Just type in genie bra. Take a look at it, maybe it will help you
  10. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Thank You for letting me know.. I did find their website..

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