Coudn't sleep last night

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Yesterday was not one of the best days I have had lately, I had a bad stomcahe ache , I don't know if it was from the miralax and granoloa but some thing didn't feel so great yeasterday. I just can't seem to get a balance on how much miralax to take. The pain meds don't like my colon and so I have a struggle with getting enough fiber and such.

    But it was more than that I really was hurting in my hips and legs, and I just ached all over. I hate being to tender to the touch all the time. Just wearing clothers some times hurts my skin. Silly I Know. One would think since I have lieved with fibro this long that I would understand how it makes me feel and what to do about it. But with this strange winter I never know what cause's me to hurt any more. I have no clue as to why I feel like I am in a huge flare. I have not done any heavy lifting, or more exercise than I am used to doing. I am getting tired of feeling like death warmed over. I am so sick of acheing body , muscle's and bones, tendons, stomache, feet ankle ect. I feel like I am a broken record always telling you that I don't feel good and that my pain is worse. I really don't mean to be a complainer and whine about how I feel.

    I have so many things that I really want to do and yet I can't do them due to how I feel, I was to take my mom to the doctor yesterday but she changed her mind and stayed home to have a hot bath, I gues when you weigh 84 lbs you can't get warm enough, so my sister canceled that appointment.

    Well I am off to bed now and hope to sleep a while. I need to not sleep too long as I need to clean up the house incase my daughter and 19 month old grandson come over later today. I would hate for Spencer to get in to things he should not be in too.and besides i really need to vaccum and do dishes. Sorry for whining so much. I just wish that this feeling of feeling fatiqued and in pain would leave for a while, even a couple of hours would be nice.
    Thanks for listeing.
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    Well my day was better not any less pain but still better. I baby sat my 23 month old grandson Mason ,he has alergies and maybe pink eye. Thankfully the doctor does not think he has pink eye. But since his mommy didn't know what was going on with his eye, I got to baby sit all afternoon.
    It was a realy great time. I got to cuddle with him while I got him to sleep. HE was so cute when he woke up and went around calling out "Momma", when his mom came home I asked him if mommy was in the car and Mason said Spencer is. NOt mommy.But when she walked thru the door he was glad to see her.

    I know that some of my stomache problems are due to stress's I have that I don't know how to let go of and just accept that I can't change every thing or fix it either. I will try your suggestoin about the miralax and see how it works. Thanks so much for your post,

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