Coughing and GERD and Asthma

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  1. starmom

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    This is just an FYI post, info I learned from our allergist.

    Did y'all know that a dry cough andmany asthma symptoms are also GERD symptoms? Pain in the heart region can also be part of it.

    All of the nerves for the esophagus, stomach, etc are twined with the heart nerves and cough nerves.

    My sons were BOTH dx'd with asthma, but never really responded to asthma treatment.

    After allergy testing I put all 3 of my kids on zantac (with pediatrician's OK) OTC and guess what? ALL asthma symptoms disappeared.

    NOT all asthma is GERD, but many cases can be. OUr allergist recommends every allergy/asthma patient be put on meds for GERD also.

    It is so nice to have kids not cough all night, be able to go play.

    Hope this helps someone.

  2. ilovecats94

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    I got chest pains in January and I sort of knew it was GERD. But I thought it would get better. It didn't and it got worse to the point I got bacterial pneumonia on 4/6.

    I'm finally on Nexium, but it is slow working for me.

    I had the coughing at night for years and I told my doc that when he asked me.

    I went 4 months with severe chest pain because I was scared that if I went to my doc he would put me in the hospital for heart problems and so I just put it off.

    I have had gastroparesis since 1990, so I'm really not surprised to have GERD.

    This is good info and thanks for putting it on the board.

    I still had to have an EKG at the doctor's office. Was good to get the chest x-rays too as that had been a long time for that too.

    My doc is out of my insurance network, so waiting to get the bills and claim forms. This is going to be high.


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