Could a Spinal done during a c-sec have caused

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    me to have Fibromyalgia. All my symptoms started immediately after my c-sec (within days). I remember during the spinal my leg jerked as he was injecting the needle. I am just looking into alot of different possiblities. Thanks,
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    Hi Amy, I have felt for a very long time that epiderals did this to me. I had 6 cortisone injections within a 4 month span for an injury. The first one was an epideral. The pain was so great that I passed out with the needle in my spine. I began falling over with it in there and the Doc who did it was screaming for the Nurses to grab my legs. By the time it was over the bed was covered in blood and she had stuck me 5 times trying to find the spot. I became so much worse after that happened. with each injection that followed my condition worsened and the last of the 6 was yet another epideral. I lost bladder function. However it has gotten a little better or maybe I am just more contious of it and the urgency it produces. So, in my honest opinion yes, i think messing with cortisone and with the spinal cord it is possible. I will forever believe that the epiderals and the injections brought this on with me. Good luck in your search okay.
    Take care and God bless.
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    ~~~I "believe" my FM started after an accident in 1975, but it HIT me after a botched Epidural- (which really was a Spinal-it made me unconscious, and my son has neuro problems, too). Anyway, we don't know for sure WHAT causes FM...just stay here on the board, do research, learn all you can and decide what is best for You!
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    Not sure if there is a correlation. However, I sincerely believe that the doctor who did my epidural for the c-section for my second child's birth caused me problems. He had to stick me twice, (yeah, right, "hold still and ignore the contractions") and then the anesthetic travelled UP my body to my shoulders, not down to my belly and legs like it was supposed to. I think you can imagine the immediate problems from that during the surgery...

    19 years later I still have a sore spot on my spine where the epidural was put in, probably from scar tissue that built up in that area. I think it contributes to my generalized low back pain, and who knows where the scar adhesions have attached in there.

    I DO believe that each surgery, especially abdominal surgeries, I've had has increased the fibro problems for me. That is one reason I am trying so hard to avoid any more. (notwithstanding my current post on Lasik surgery!)

    One more small piece in the puzzle.

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    I am so happy to have found this board. You are all so informative and supportive!, take care