Could all of this just be Fibro......

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    I am at the end of my rope! I was told a year ago that I had Rheaumatoid arth. by one doc went to a second doc that one said nope you have FMS.So I thought what could it hurt to get one more diag. so went to another doc (all of them in the same office)and he swore I had ms so I have been through blood test,x-rays,catscans,mri's,emg's and I dont know what all else.They all did agree on the fibro so that is a given because all my test came back normal but I still feel like it is more.Family has suggested lupus and als how can one person maybe have all these things.So I would love to give you all a little info and hear your input or maybe something to suggest to the doc.I go through these major depression spells and I have these major ups and downs that I feel like I have no control over.I get dizzy and lightheaded where I knock into walls and I topple over just standing still , severe migraines to where the pain is so bad I vomit,I have severe pains in my joints everywhere but the worst being my knees,I run mild temps for no reason and my skin constantly itches and breaks out in bumps not rashes.And a very well known symptom to my family is the absent minded fibrofog duh! I just constantly hurt and ache like I got ran over by a truck and then walked on by a elephant.Do any of you have problems holding your arms up?It is all I can do to hold my arms up long enough to dry my hair anymore my arms feel like rubberbands.Well sorry to ramble on but just wanted to know if anyone out there had all this just with the fibro and if had any advice. Thanks
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    It sounds just like Fibro, though I suspect you may also have CFS, due to the fevers you mention. It is not uncommon for us to be convinced at the beginning that we must have something else that is much worse, since we feel so very ill, and the medical profession acts like this is no big deal.
    Have you had an ANA blood test done to rule out Lupus? Usually that is one of the first ones they do. Also make sure you have had a thyroid panel, not just a TSH....insist on a free T3 as well, as thyroid problems can mimic FMS.
    Not being able to hold your arms up is a classic Fibro symptom due to spasm in the trapezius muscle that runs across the back of your shoulders. I want to be able to comb my hair just like you do, so I save my arms for that by wadding sheets into a shape that fits on the linen shelf, since folding them is too painful, and generally avoiding other chores where my arms must be up. When we paint our house, I paint up to my shoulder height, and my hubby finishes it from there up. I bought an electric broom to use instead of a big heavy vacuum cleaner to save my arms from the pain of pushing it, etc. You will find out by trial and error what you can and can't do.
    Read as much as you can on Fibro, in the library at this site, and on the many other places on the web with info. I know it seems overwhelming right now, but you can make it! We are here for you.
    Welcome to the Board,
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    I have no idea to tell you the truth what all they have ran there has been so much I dont even know anymore.Is it possible to ask for a copy of all your records to see what they have done and havent done and what they have wrote in your charts or do they only release that stuff to other docs?I just feel like I am in the middle of a tornado and I cant seem to get out and it is starting to effect my marriage my husband just cant understand my highs and lows of screaming one min and crying the next he thinks I am crazy!Thanks for replying
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    I would agree on the Fibro and suspect CFS as well due to the chronic fevers. There may be a chronic stealth infection at work causing these symptoms.

    Love, Mikie