Could anyone please help? I live in NJ

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  1. Tired~and~in~Pain

    Tired~and~in~Pain New Member

    Hi all,

    I used to post on these boards, but had forgotten all about them~! Boy, my memorie, plus many other things, are really getting bad!!!

    I have FM & CFS & Lupus. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago, and now, I'm REALLY HURTNTG! It's kind of hard to explain, but I get these tingling feelings in my arms and legs, plus the pain is so bad. Also, my hips hurt so much, that I can't stand or walk for more than 4 hours before I have to lye down on my heating pad!
    I'm exaushted all of the time, and have a hard time thinking. I have to force myself to do things around the house. Just making out a shopping list is a real task, now thats pathetic! Why can't I think?

    My doctor has me on Methadone 10mg, twice a day for the pain, but it hardly helps.
    I also take Remeron 30mg at bedtime, for sleep, which does help. But, I'm always tired anyway.
    I had been taking Prozac for my depression, but my doc just changed that to Effexor last week, because I am more depressed. After reading the post about Effexor, I'm going back to my Prozac.
    I also take Plaquinel for my lupus.

    I just need some of your input, is this all in my head??? I mean, the pain is so bad, and the fatigue is awefull!!!!

    Maybe because of my mom just passing, last March, that has something to do with the way that I am feeling? I live right next to her, and seeing her house sit empty makes me sad. But, we can't afford to move until the estate is settled.
    The house that I live in, my dad built in 1946, and the basement leaks so bad, it is so moldy, the oder makes me feel sick! Not to much I can do about that, for the time being!

    Maybe I need to see a shrink? Because, after taking care of my parents for the past 11 years, I'm totally drained, emotionally bankrupt! I've lost all contact with friends, because I was to busy, running errands, or taking care of them. They where my life, now what do I do?

    I'm 55 years old, but I feel like I'm 90! I just feel useless, because I always used to have so much energy, always on the go. But now, it's a chore just to cook dinner! Sometimes my son does it for us.

    I want to get better, I really do! But, it seems hopeless.
    Is there anyone on here that lives in New Jersey? In the Shore area?
    If so, please, reply to me, and let me lnow if you have found a doctor that understands, and has helped you?

    Even if you don't live in NJ, I'd love to hear from you, and any suggestions that you might have for me? My doctor is pretty understanding, and I could ask her if I could try whatever helps you.

    Does anyone know if there are any support groups in the jersey area, Ocean County???

    Hope to hear something soon,

  2. Tired~and~in~Pain

    Tired~and~in~Pain New Member

    so, i'm trying replying to it, hope this works!

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    if there is an Emotions Anonymous group in your area.

    EA is a 12 step program similar to AA. It has helped me a lot. I tried to find out on the net for you, but even sending an e mail has gotten complicated. You now have to enter technical information that I don't know.

    You could also try the tv treatment discussed in my profile. Since you have CFS, it might help a little.

    Good luck.
  4. Tired~and~in~Pain

    Tired~and~in~Pain New Member

    Thanks for your suggestions! I'll check out your profile, and see what is all about.

    I'll also look for an emotional support group in my area!

    Thanks so much,
  5. Tired~and~in~Pain

    Tired~and~in~Pain New Member

    rockgor, it's sure worth a try!!! I sure need something to reset my brain, LOL!!

    I love music, too! I have tickets to go and see The Rolling Stones in September, and I'm wondering how I'm ever going to make it, ;)

    Off to stair at my tv!

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