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  1. Anafun

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    Hi ,I am suffering with a lot of muscle aches and fatigue which only get better with a massage.
    Could anyone suggest a great massage chair that would work,i need deep tissue massages to ease the pain.
    The price doesnt matter as it would be cheaper long term than getting massages at home.
    Any other suggestions...does our health insurance cover massages?I live in pittsburgh.
  2. AuntTammie

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    I have never tried out a chair that has worked well enough for me to buy it, but I do know that some insurance companies will cover massage (and some will also cover chiro or PT, and either of these can include massage)....knowing where you live won't tell you if things are covered, though - it depends entirely on your individual policy will have to call them and ask questions (I would ask if chiro is covered, if PT is covered, and if massage is covered....I have been told that if massage is not specifically included, sometimes the way that the chiro or therapist words what he/she is doing for treatment & why can still wind up including massage.....however, to avoid insurance fraud, you have to be very careful with this one and it really is up to the person giving the treatment.....this is not something I have done, though - just something I have heard might be possible)

    personally I have not been able to get massages for awhile bc I wind up getting sick afterwards every time....I have borrowed my mom's cold light lazer and it is wonderful, though I know those are expensive....I also use tennis balls, a theracane (google to find one), and a hand held massage therapy thing by Homemedics that is really heavy and has two knobs (this can be painful sometimes, and works best if someone massages you with it, but it can also feel incredible - just depends on what your pain is like at any given moment).....and I use ice packs, heating pads, and Icy Hot....anyway, just some sggestions

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