could be many reasons for gws

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    As gulf war veterans fought on the battlefield they faced many bad things.
    oil well fires pills shots
    uranium solvents oils and gases
    dead badies chemicals water
    sand food warm diet soda
    bug repellant hot heat dry air
    Oil well fires were real bad with the smoke rolling into the air that we breathed. PB pills we were forced to take.
    The shots that we had to take that were experimental. The uranium we used in bombs and ammunition in our weapons. Cleaning solvents used to clean weapons and vehicles. Oils and gases we used were not the same as we used here in the states. We had to clean up the dead from the combat areas.
    And they were buried by our living quarters. Chemicals that were possibly used by iraq. Our chemical alarms went off all the time. We drank from bottled water and it sat in the sun and could have got paracites in the water from the heat.
    The sand could have carried some kind of danger. In which I myself got allergic to and had to take medications for.
    Food was eaten from what the Saudis made and could have been dangerous. We were told warm diet soda could have caused problems also. bug repellant could have been a problem with things mixed with it. The air was so hot and without humidity it was if wondering if you were dehidrating. Everyone was under stress when in a different country and then add war to the issuse.
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    Welcome to this Board. My husband was in the Navy and he, my son and I were stationed in Naples, Italy during the Gulf War. Right after the war I had some health problems and was Medivaced back to the States. I met a lot of Gulf War veterans while I was flying home and in the hospital. You all were heroes! I was so impressed with everyone I met. We were in Washington, staying over at Andrews Air Force Base. Someone arranged for some of us to take a tour of the White House. I went with them. When we got to the White House the tourists there continually thanked the veterans for what they did and praised them! It was so heartwarming to see! I grew up in the 60's and saw what the veterans at that time had to endure. But in the hospital I also saw veterans who were having extreme psychological and physical difficulties. I felt very bad for them of course. I just hope that the government owns up to the situation and treats you well. I know the VA can be difficult. Anyway, I just want you to know that you are a hero and I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

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    Ever tried a Sig P210 (made by Sig, not the new SigSauer co.)? That thing'll drive tacks at 25 yards.
    But pricey., yeah.

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    Yes, there are a lot of suspected causes of GWI, but Dr. Nicolson's work in mycoplasmas has shown a high percent of chronic infection among Gulf War Vets. That's why I was wondering whether you have been tested for mycoplasma infection.

    My illness was triggered by an active mycoplasma infection just at the start of the Gulf War and I lived next to a military installation.

    Love, Mikie
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    When I look at the symtoms of FMS/CFS, and The ones from
    GWS, I relate more to the GWS ones (posted on Dr Nicolsons
    web site.)First got symtoms 28 yrs ago. Had to have a hyst. after 6th child. It really got worse when we had water damage and had a comercial company treat our house and use many fungicides and who knows what else.

    Had the flu shot which seemed to take me over the edge.Also
    had the smalpox vac. as a child. Aam just now getting a DR.
    who will help me.

    Also suffer PTSD, (life is not fair and people are cruel)Stress makes this DD worse. Well Duh, stress takes the energy needed to survive....

    Was good info too you gave. Cronic desease tries every emotion we have. To not be believed, is the ultimate insult.

    Was raised in the south, right a long the Mississippi in the bootheel of Mo. They did crop dusting then, and we used to wave at the pilots as they flew over. Who knew??

    At any rate, and the point is, being exposed to so many harsh chemicals is something I had considered, but Doc's get that glazed over look when a woman with 6 kids walks in the room. Bummer.... We know what we know!! 1maqt