Could beets and carrots help?

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    When I had acute onset of CFS in 1984, I saw a nutritionist who recommended root vegetables, such as carrots and beets, to heal. He said that they were good for the immune system.

    So, I drank a lot of carrot and beet juice, ate parsley and lots of greens. After a year, I essentially recovered.

    This relapse, now over a year, I have avoided carrots and beets, because I've been following various hypoglycemic diets which exclude them. Though I eat lots of greens, I'm basically on a high protein diet. I've seen little improvement.

    I started an elimination diet today, to rule out hidden food
    sensitivities, and decided to add carrots and beets, to see if they help.

    Has anyone gotten help from eating root vegetables, and a low protein diet?

    I know many are on a Atkins-like diet like I was, but if there are others juicing or eating root vegetables, could you share?



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    Hello! i have no clue,it is awsome to hear U were able to have *remission*.Hopefully this bump will help U find an answer.GOOD LUCK,ez
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    Have you heard anything about glycemic index? You might want to check out the book "The Glucose Revolution". Yes, beets and carrots are both high glycemic foods, but if you eat them with a low glycemic meal you basically end up with medium-glycemic intake. If they helped you so much before I'd do anything I could to keep eating them!

    I think most of the posts I've seen here talk about high protein diets. Atkins is popular and so is Suzanne Somers'. Hope other people have more answers for ya!
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    If you attribute progress/recovery to your past dietary choice, sounds like that would be the first route you would want to go again! There is no sure-fire diet for this, so follow what you KNOW. If you responded so well the last time, don't get caught up in the majority diet - do what's best for yourself.


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    Me to recover, also. I just remembered.

    Potassium broth helped with pains in my joints and muscles. And, supposedly dissolved the acid in my body that caused the arthritic-type pain I had. It restored the PH balance in my body.

    Potassium broth is a recipe I got from my Sikh chiropractor in Santa Fe, years ago. It consists of a gallon of filtered
    water, boiled, then simmered for 20 minutes using 3 vegetables: an onion(large), celery (3-4 stalks), and a potato(large Idaho or old one). Vegetables are cut into big
    chunks, boiled and then simmered for approx. 20 minutes. No
    seasoning, nothing is added to water.

    Once simmered,the vegetables are tossed, and the liquid poured into a glass container, and stored in the refridgerator.

    The broth should be sipped - not gulped - throughout the day. Effect can take a couple of weeks.

    Anyhow, when I had more muscular aches and pains, in the 1990 relapse, sipping the broth helped a lot.My chiropractor said he'd gotten the recipe from his "teacher" years before.

    I don't know if it'll work for others, but the carrots and beets reminded me of the recipe.

    BTW, I'm reading about salicylate-sensitivity, from foods and other sources, and how your kidney excretes nearly 80%
    of salicylates when you increase your alkalinity of your blood. And, if your allergic to salicylates, the sals are a toxin you want to rid yourself of, because it can cause neurological, immunological, gastrointestinal,etc. problems that so many of us are familiar with.

    Thanks to everyone for the valuable responses.

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    Wouln`t it be nice if something like this worked? I can`t answer your question about the beets and carrots. But would be interested in trying that if someone knew about it. I`m going to try the potassium broth though. I feel like I have some much acid in my body and joints. Maybe this will help for some of my pain.