Could CFS?Fibro be caused by this Dr. thinks so Please read

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  1. mrstyedawg

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    Below is an exerpt from the Marshall Protocol website. Thought some of you might be interested in.

    Hypervitaminosis-D is characterized by:

    Asthenia (loss of strength and energy)

    Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep)
    Somnolence (sleepiness)

    Paresthesia (numbness, tingling, burning, prickling)
    Facial palsy (paralysis; usually unilateral)

    Metallic taste
    Mood or mental changes
    Memory loss
    Inability to concentrate
    Dysphonia (difficulty speaking)
    Dryness of mouth

    Arthralgia (pain where there should be no pain)
    Podagra (pain in the great toe)
    Muscle, bone and joint pain (ankles especially)
    Muscle cramps
    Tightening of throat muscles, difficulty swallowing
    Muscle paralysis
    Muscle problems leading to difficulty breathing (dyspnea)
    Loss of muscle control
    Loss of balance
    Uncoordinated movement
    Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)

    Vertigo (a feeling of spinning)
    Dizziness, lightheadedness
    Feeling of intoxication
    Irregular heartbeat

    Loss of sex drive

    Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
    Hearing loss
    Nasal/sinus congestion

    Cloudy urine
    Abdominal discomfort
    Anorexia (loss of appetite)

    Photosensitivity (intolerance of light)
    Irritated eyes
    Redness of eyelid or lining of eyelid
    Conjunctivitis (redness or discharge of eye)
    Cloudy-looking eyes
    Runny nose
    Frequent, Excruciating Migraines
    Headaches (continuing)

    Hyperthermia (feeling too warm)
    Night sweats
    Pruritus (itching skin)

    Hypercalcemia (excessive calcium in blood) causing weight loss and anemia
    Bone demineralization (osteoporosis)
    Calcium deposits in soft tissues of lungs, heart, blood vessels, renal tubules
    Kidney stones

    Impaired renal function causing:
    polyuria (excessive urination)
    nocturia (excessive urination at night)
    polydipsia (excessive thirst)
    calciuria (calcium in urine)
    azotemia (nitrogen in urine)
    proteinuria (protein in urine)
    Irreversible renal insufficiency
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    After testing to determine this, the MP calls for eliminating or reducing vitamin D. You cannot go out in the sun. It's been a long time since I read about this treatment so I don't remember the details. I decided at the time that the treatment was too risky and I wasn't going to try it; however, there are some who claim to be making progress on it. It was originally tried for Sarcoidosis and seemed to be pretty effective. That was when Dr. Marshall decided to try it for CFIDS. I don't think it has been as effective with CFIDS.

    Hopefully, there are some here who are on the MP and can give more info on it.

    Love, Mikie

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    Yes, I really do not
    understand the 'ins and outs' of these theories.

    I once read something similar and it was involved in some kind of treatment. I do not know which one.

    Thank you for the info.

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    and it is working for a significant subset of people... not for everyone who tries it of course. I have yet to find anything that does work for everyone, or does not cause some problems for others, etc.

    But you know, there seem to be a lot of subsets of us with CF/FM... the problem is finding what works for YOU as there seem to be few if any conclusive tests to tell us WHAT exactly to try, really. My blood tests have always shown up 'normal' for instance...

    As soon as I read the info about the MP, especially about the benicar working on certain types of bacteria, it made sense to me because when I tried Celebrex (for pain from inoperable bone spur),

    I found I had instant energy/clear-headed, etc. Except after 2 doses I realized I was having an 'adverse reaction' to it, as I can't take sulfa drugs either. But it indicated to me strongly there was an underlying inflammation going on... even tho I do not have the pain of FM, I do have the tender points.

    And, if I had not tried the MP and had some success immediately, which indicated to me that I have in particular some sort of stealth infection causing the hypervitaminosis D, I would not have had my son tested for Lyme immediately when all other lab tests came up 'normal' for him, including hemochromotosis (family history)-

    He was experiencing increasing problems mentally and physically since age 12 or so, he fit the clinical pic of FM by 16 yo (while I fit the CFIDS clinical pic) --

    Well, he is positive according to CDC standards, twice on blood tests 6 months apart, and clinical picture... still battling it, going to LLLMD.

    No he's not doing the MP because one has to be willing to abide by it fully, and it is restrictive on one's lifestyle.

    IMHO we have to take the responsibility very often to research things ouselves, and give things a try very often, to see if there's a response...

    we are ALL an ongoing experiment, really, in what works and what doesn't.

    all the best,

    PS-- there are some articles here in the Library on the Marshall Protocol from a couple of years ago.

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