Could CFS FM be a subluxated atlas?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by exgolfer, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. exgolfer

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    For the last 18 months I have pursued this theory. Been sick 5 1/2 years and tried over 25 different treatments with no success. One chiropractor told me all his FM patients C1 was out including mine. I was treated by a
    chiropractor for several months with occipital adjustments. I had improvements as did many other patients but the improvements didn't last. 2 months ago I was treated with a AtlasProfilax - an instrument that gives a specific massage of the short muscles in the neck freeing the atlas or C1 to return to its natural position. After the single session (not by a chiropractor) I was instructed to have deep massage at least once a week to keep the body on course and help the healing process. I have had improvements but it is too soon to know if ths is the main cause of my FM & CFS symptoms and too soon to know if this treatment works. Anyone out there who thinks our problem is with our atlas?
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    I have to go to the chiropractor at least every 2 weeks or I don't feel good. He pops my neck to relieve the pressure on the vagus nerve and I feel better instantly. I still have other issues with post exertional malaise, liver damage and brain fog but the chiropractor was my first big improvement with this disease. As long as I treat all the problems, I can function and I'm recovering. I'm also seeing an acupressurist and getting marvelous results with that.

    It may not be the only problem, but it's definitely a big part of me not being able to function without regular adjustments.

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    "From Fatigued to Fantastic" He said that the test for it was to stand up straight and bend your head all the way back. You shouldn't feel dizzy. Dizziness means that further testing is required. If C1 (Atlas) or C2 (Axis) is out of place, it pinches the nerves coming out of the brain.

    My adopted cousin had this fixed but it took surgery to repair it. She truly is a different person. She was real obnoxious. I always blamed it on the fact that she was adopted, but now I know better.

    I don't get dizzy from the test. Dr. Teitelbaum says that this is only one cause of CFS.
  4. grace54

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    According to my chiroprator probably not. I brought him some information I found on line of a Dr in California who has a clinic devoted to this theory. He treats patients numerous times daily for a period of a month if I recall and claims high percentage cures of fibro.

    My Chiro explained that their is a school of thought in that profession that believes working on that one area of the spine can treat the entire body. It didn't take much explaining to convince me that this theory didn't make much sense.

    He did concede that a trauma to that area or congental defects could cause many problems. After our conversation he did treat that area on me along with the rest of my spine. Unfortunately I had no miraculous cure. He did tell me if I wanted to spend the $3.000 or so for the treatments that he would oblige me. Just my experience.

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