Could I be allergic to the hernia mesh

Discussion in 'Ask the Doctor' started by Bito, May 12, 2014.

  1. Bito

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    I had a hernia repair on April 8, 2014. I haven't been the same since. (2) days after the surgery I broke out in a horrible rash., blister, I look like I was severely sunburned on my feet, abdominal area and hand. It hurt, itched and burned so bad I couldn't stand it. My (2) day hospital stay turned into to (7) being put on a high dose of IV steroids. When finally released from the hospital the consulting dermatologist sent me home on high dose of steroids, tapering down. When I got down to 35 mg, the rash, blisters, itching, burning, sunburned looking skin came back. She has me I'm (3) different lotions that help very little. The allergy pills do nothing. The only thing that helps is being on 40 mg of steroids. My surgeon does not want to ever hear about me beings allergic to the mesh. The dermatologist thinks that it is a great possibility. She has orders the mesh from the manufacture to do some skin testing. Her words to me " the skin test will most likely not give you any reaction, your steroid dose is to high, to get an allergic reaction and we can not reduce your steroids under 40 mg. I am just at a loss of where to turn. I am in pain every single day,, the surgeon says it could take (6) months for the pain to go away. Refuses to remove the mesh, was extremely rude when I questioned him regarding an allergic reaction. If anyone has any advice or information to share, please email me. I am at a loss and I am just praying to get my life back and can find an answer soon.
  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member awful. Yes, any idiot would point to the mesh, and what doctor would say yes in regard to anything they had their hands on. Don't forget, doctors are god. How soon will the dermatologist get results on the mesh......don't hold your breath though. I'm sure this is thru the insurance company? Can you consider filing a lawsuit to threaten the doctor?

    We can be allergic to most anything. My first Csection about 42 years ago turned out I was allergic to catgut, so when it came time for the 2nd csection the doctor made sure he used something else. I also remember getting a creeping red burning rash up my back and had to use something to calm it down.
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    That is beyond terrible. If you do a google search for hernia mesh allergy, you'll find it's not uncommon. It's horrible they have you on high doses of steroids - that's not good at all! Do your research on hernia mesh allergies and reactions, print out the info and take it to your doctor.

    I used to work for attorneys. Lawsuits are awful and should be avoided if at all possible. However, if your doctor refuses to remove the mesh, I would consult an attorney. The steroids will ruin your health. You should not be put in this position and hopefully with the threat of legal action your doctor will do the right thing.

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    FYI......I work at a Supportive Living Facility. One of my residents recently had to have the mesh removed from a prior hernia surgery, (done years before now), due to the area where the mesh was, (and only where the mesh was), becoming majorly infected. Just a little information for thought.
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    Didn't your doctor perform any test to see if you are allergic to the mesh. I thought the do that before the surgery. My father had a laproscopy to cure his hernia. e never had any problem after that. But we never know, it all depends on the type of hernia you have and the repair used for that. Maybe you should get tested by a different doctor. If you are indeed allergic to the mesh then you should get treatment immediately before it becomes complicated.

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