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    ... a New Line of products per "Med-11" for Pain relief; Immune Boosting "IP6 plus"; soon - the "ONLY" Home Test Kits for the detection of CANCER of Lung, Breast, and Colon - and the estimated Potential in the USA is $51,000,000,000 annually !!!; and many other products in the pipeline ... from a Doctor supported Award Winning Product line !!!
    This is an Affiliate program - no cost to join, and rebates are 40 - 50% of product orders purchased On-line; with an added 5% for 2nd. line affiliates and Merchants signed-up.
    Please visit for all details .. read the blogs and the research items. View Future products.
    Contact : Hugh Love - Super Affiliate
    Thanks for listening - we Welcome You!!
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    It's a blatant violation of the rules to solicit on these boards or in chat. It's also a blatant violation of the rules for you to post your email address. Ditto your other post.

    Both have been reported as inappropriate.