could it be something else other than fibro

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    Thank you for your encouraging words, those of you that wrote me . But i am kind of concerned that maybe it could be something else. My primary doctor checked my lymph nodes for swolleness and abnormality and they were normal and ruled out mono, but also did blood work for mono. She then touched with pressure 13 or 15 points on my body, most of the points that she touched were merely painful for me. But i have been researching about other diseases that have almost the same symptoms, like lupus and lyme disease, and even ibs a little. So now i think i am freaking myself out. I did have a flu shot back in november at work, and hence i work in a childrens hospital and am around all kinds of diseases. I am just sooo unsure..its been since December 30th with this pain, and finally my doctor said that i have fibromylagia. Should i wait for the blood work to come back, or what do i do? Ugh...and she prescribed me tricyclne... should i take it?