could my son have fibro?

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    my son has been in 4-5 car accidents. they can never find anything wrong with him. except one hip was out of alignment. then he had a severe seizure when he went off xanax. he had been taking it for a long time. he has trouble sleeping and his body hurts all over. I have cfs. so I am very much aware of fibro symptoms. but never really thought he could have it until someone mentioned to him that he might have it. can you get it from the trauma of the accidents? he got one of those fancy pump up beds. he loved it at first until it wore off and now he can't sleep again. I was looking at those cuddle mattress's on pro health. has anyone tried one? maybe this could help him. thanks for any help you can give me. georgie.
    p.s. I attended the conference held in monticeto with rich carson. the 80 million dollar facility they are building in reno, nv. (where I was born, and my son's live) really looks promising. since our insurances and the government are not giving us the help we need. can't come quick enough for me. all I want for x-mas is to be rid of this horrible disease!!!!

    I want to add that I did purchase a foam topper for my deep mattress. and I had 24" fitted sheets that seemed to work fine even with the memory foam on there, and it was a 4" thick topper. I got a great deal thru they mailed it right to my house. problem is, it is in storage. yeah those memory foam pillows at costco are great. I got a pair. sometimes when my back and hips hurt I put that pillows under my hips. maybe I will suggest to my son he try a memory foam topper from,
    google whittemore-peterson institute. it will tell you all about the research center they are building. also google annette whittemore she talks about her sick daughter and how dr. daniel peterson helped her with an anti virus drug. don't get too excited because this drug cost's $3,000 for one month's supply!!! she is a co founder of this research center which will be done in 2010. it will focus on neuro immune diseases such as me/dfs/fm, autism, and ms. I am going to reno next week and plan to visit the site!!! my son lives right below the unr campus. maybe I will be lucky and get to talk to someone involved. I already met dr. peterson and asked him if I could have gotten this virus during the out break of 1984? I worked in lake tahoe in 1979 and 80' he said yes I could have!!! wow!!! and my sister is the one who had mono in college and she is fine!! I am in such bad shape after a big move last feb. and I just had to move my stuff to another storage. all the stress and physical workouts have wiped me out! I've been living in hotels ever since which adds to my stress. all I seem to do these days is sleep. yes I'm sure I'm depressed but refuse to take anti depressants. I really think they are bad for a lot of people. they even mentioned at the conference that anti depressants are not good for us who suffer from cfs, or fibro. I'm sure they help some people. but they make me wacky!!! [This Message was Edited on 11/27/2008]
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    can you tell me more about this "facility" they are building?
    I also happen to "KNOW" that my son who is autistic also has fm/cfs!

    He has so many of the classic signs and symptoms....and he is always always in pain!

    I am just not sure where to take him....he has medicare I believe ( he is on ss) and I do not want to mess around for 5 years like I had to order to get a proper diagnosis!

    It's strange how most of us have done so much research that we can dx things that even some Dr's miss!

    I will let you know when we get an official dx but I can tell you right now beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has it!

    Iam so sorry that you think your son has this...because if you are anything like is so harder to watch our children suffer than the suffering we go through ourselves! Iam not convinced that fm/cfs is not contagious....just like other diseases if someones body is vulnerable they just may be able to contract this?

    I know a lot of people disagree with me and that is ok....this is just my opinion and since modern day science still is so far in the rears with this dd it is still to early to say one way or another ...until we have definitive answers to all of the questions and a test I do not think any of us can say for sure one way or another...we at this point can ONLY speculate and guess!

    BTW Target stores have a mattress topper my bed is a Cal King and it was $59.99 which I happen to think is really really cheap compared to the cuddle ew and others similar...

    anyhow my target mattress topper has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my life...for me "YES" it makes a huge difference!

    Iam in pain almost every day of my life but the topper just helps so much....also .........

    Costco sells a double pack of contoured pillows for $39.99 and that has also been one of the best investments ......

    I have not had the problems with my neck like I did before the pillow at my son who is 27 and has no neck problems bought them and he and his gf do not like the pillows at all..........

    But I swear by both my topper and my pillows...

    If you have any ?'s just let me know OK?

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    I got fibro after being in 3 car accidents in 2 years. When I look back I always had problems even as a child growing pains tendenitis bowel problems. Then after the car accidents I was always in pain and had anxiety. I get so mad cuz none of the accidents were my fault and now I have to suffer everyday. I hope he doesn't have this but it sounds like it-Kim
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    Oh yes-- I had a cuddle ewe mattress (twin size) that was very helpful for my pain and comfort level. I had it for about 5 years and it stood up well. I accidentally left it outside to air and it got caught in a rainstorm and got ruined.
    Now it's out of my budget to get another one. I did buy a new bed not too long ago w/ the memory foam and would rather have the cuddle ewe any time!!!

  5. My aunt developed her FMS (and a million other terrible things now,) but, all of her disability began after a severe whiplash injury, from having been rear-ended by someone, not even going that fast (35mph, or so)...

    Looking back now, my own mother, hadn't realized before, that, I've been sick all my life, really...

    Having said that, though, she *knew* (a mother always does), that I had fibro after I had a rollover accident at the age of 19.

    She begged me not to go into the military at age 21, but, it was something *I HAD* to do, for myself, at that point in my life, but, sure enough, due to a very rapid snowball effect of injuries, illnesses, & traumas, during my short stent in the military, I've become basically 99% housebound, and about 5-6 months of the year, I am also bedbound for most days...

    I'd had numerous *injuries* as a child, also, to my tailbone, specifically (countless slip & falls on ice, children, back then, used to be AWFUL to each other, thinking it was hilarious, to 'teeter-totter' at recess... and while the other person was in the air, on the teeter-totter, the person at the bottom would jump off, causing the other person to SLAM to the ground- and I was one unfortunate victim... this was before they started making teeter totters much more secure, shorter, etc, too...) and also, those cheap old *plastic* tire swings they had in the 80's, with a thin yellow rope to hang it from a tree... well, the rope BROKE on me once, around age 8/9, knocking the breath out of me, and injuring my back/tailbone..

    The list goes on & on, but, yes, physical trauma was one of the first questions I was asked by the diagnosing rheumatologist back in Oct 2001...

    As I said though, mothers usually know.

    My mother & I both feared, and knew, my sister had fibro also, a couple of years ago.... but said nothing, due to a lot of mental health issues she has, we were afraid to say anything... in fact, she had made the comment once "I hope I never end up with fibromyalgia, I know I couldn't live like you & mom, I'll kill myself"

    My sister was diagnosed in October of this year with it. I do worry still, how it will effect her, since, she's already struggling with not wanting to live most days...

    RE: the cuddle ewe underquilt- for ME, and some others here, it was SOOO not worth the money- $300 for a queen size! (hubby & I realized, we bought a mattress AND boxspring, for just over $600! when you think of it *that* way... stings a little...)

    Especially since it did NOT help me... not only that, but, after several meds, and hormonal imbalances put me through unimaginable night sweats hell, that thing was so YUCKY, and you cannot wash it. No way at all, no washing it. I did try 'spot' cleaning it, but... eh. eww.

    We kept it for a couple of years, but, I ended up putting an egg crate mattress on TOP of the Cuddle Ewe, and still did not get any relief.. and, mine, did not* keep it's form, & 'fluffiness', not at all...

    When we got rid of it, I bet it was *half* as thick as it was when we bought it...

    So, (I hope I can try the way cheaper one, that doxy mentioned!!!)

    Also, depending on your son's matress (thickness) it can be really hard to get a bottom sheet to fit, even the top dollar, 17" 'deep pocket' sheets.

    The mattress we have *now*, cannot have *anything* under it, and I despise the darned thing, it's a Serta (eurotop, or something)... and it has *ripped* some of our 17" deep pocketed sheets, and, the others, constantly come off of it.

    So, those are some things to consider, before trying one out, and, doxy's topper sounds much better, & worth trying first, especially since she has a California King sized bed (I am SOOO jealous!!!!) and one that size was only $60, versus $300, for a queen sized Cuddle Ewe, that may, or may not work..

    I do remember that there *was* a window, (90 days? or 120) in which you could *return* the Cuddle Ewe, when I bought mine, I remember absolutely regretting that I'd let that time pass by..

    I wish your son the best, but, genetics, & so much physical trauma, plus the lack of sleep, are 3 of the several known, or HIGHLY suspected 'triggers' of fibro...

    Take care,