Could Raynaud's = swelling of hands, feet and ears?

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    Hi everyone,

    I spoke briefly to my GP yesterday morning and asked about swelling of the hands and feet mainly in rainy or humid weather, or while walking. She said that water retention occurs mainly in the legs, but can occur in the hands and feet. She also said that my swelling could be due to Raynaud's. Since it was early and I had just awakened, I didn't press the issue and didn't ask any other questions. Now I'm wondering about what she said, because everything I've read about Raynaud's is that mainly, you get discoloration in cold weather and sometimes sores, which I haven't experienced (yet anyway, guess I'll really know once winter rolls around again).

    Does this make sense to anyone?

    Thank you and I hope you're all having as good a day as possible!

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    I have raynauds its were your fingers go white and numb but not all the finger just the top 2/3rds and they go cold mostly in the winter and not all the fingers it was just one with me the same one everytime, and it hasn't happened for a while so i dont no if it has gone now
    hope you are having a good day to
    Loopyloo xx
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    I have slight Raynaud's and all of my children have it quite significantly. Our family health history is filled with autoimmune diseases. None of my kids have any other symptoms or problems but they are all runners and we really see the dusky hands almost up to their elbows when they are running during the cooler weather in the fall. My son gets really dusky in the gym playing BB too. They also experience swelling and then redness. As you probably know during Raynaud's the arteries spasm when stilmulated by cool air causing decreased blood flow to the tissues. All the kids have been checked out by a rheumatologist and have no other problems. They do have cardiac echo's to check for pulmonary artery problems but thank goodness there are none. My daughter tried nitroglycerin cream to decrease the response but didn't like it. She also tried a calcium channel blocker? type med but didn't like it-made her light headed. We always have gloves available and they have all learned to use them even if no one else is wearing any! We also use those little handwarmers (that you squeeze to pop them) My hands always swell when I am walking too and get red. My feet swell too but I have so many orthopedic issues it is difficult to know what is the cause.
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