Could really use you prayers tomorrow--May 17th

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    Hubby is having some medical tests done at the VA Center tomorrow..2 to 3 hour drive to get there

    procedure is about 2 hours and however long it takes to release him, stop to get food and then

    I have to drive home
    **I am really nervous about this--I've never driven that far away from home before. It is a nice drive but when you are not used to it.....

    It is a nice drive though---some freeway but I think its mostly 2 or 4 lanes through farm country.

    I have someone to stay with my pooch but unfortunately she can't drive anymore otherwise she would be going with us.



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    thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    they really helped me to get through the day and especially the last 20 miles coming home.

    We both are totally exhausted.