Could someone please describe TMJ symptoms that you are experienc

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    I am not sure if I have TMJ. I went to see ENT doc, but he told this is muscle related. My symptoms are staffed ears (pressure in my ears), jaw cracking sounds, jaw pain and feeling that my teeth are not in their places like elevated from where they should be, inflamed throat, upper mouth feels weird like it was swollen but it is not, neck pain and tenderness, light headache which is concentrated around my face, sinus pressure. Did your doc diagnosed you? What test did you have? Thank you.
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    I couldn't eat a sandwich unless was really really thin.

    I mostly had pain in the jaw, the clicking and pain with chewing, then sometimes extreme diff opening my mouth. I remember once I couldn't brush my teeth.

    It passed after about 3 years, doesn't bother me much anymore.

    Hope you get it figured out.

    Rebecca, what a nightmare!!

    Jen F
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    My dentist referred me out to a TMJ specialist about a year ago. I developed more pain after a car accident, whiplash injury. Daily earaches, jawaches, then into my head, like migraines.

    The doc said mine is from nightime clenching and grinding. He could tell from the way my teeth are wore down. Comes on more so in stressful times. I didn't even know I clenched and grinded, my husband says yes.. for years I have been. They offered me a mouthpiece contraption, but cannot afford it. I use a mouthpiece like sort of boxers, sports people wear. You warm it in water, and it molds to the mouth. Keeps me from grinding and clenching at night when needed. Cost hardly nothing, and it brought relief.

    The TMJ doc also prescribed me Ultram and Skelaxin.
    Both them meds help..

    Glad you brought this topic up, helped me too.. To think what to do for the migraines I am experiencing right now.