Could someone tell me what these blood tests are for

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  1. Lendi

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    I've picked up my med. reports to take the the rheumatologist. There are some tests that show low. Does anyone know what the mean, please :?)

    RBC L(red blood count?)
    Hgb L
    Hct L

    aldolase Normal, top high end of the range

    I know they have to do with blood counts, but not what. Do they pertain to CFS? Everything else, except for thyroid, and cholesterol were ok.
  2. Lendi

    Lendi New Member

    They were only a little bit low and Dr. did mention anemia so I guess that's probably it.
    RBC 3.98
    Hgb 11.7
    Hct 34.6
  3. lisjhn

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    I believe the "L" next to them refers to Low.
    As as "H" would mean high.

    Anemia can also be from iron or folic acid as well as B-12 but this could be a whole 'nother problem too. Madwolf?

    But they are still almost in the normal range, mine teeter like that too and I wonder what is causing it and if it could be something more serious. Lack of oxygen probably, I don't know. Probably nothing to worry about.
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  4. Lendi

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    RBC range is 4.20-6.30 Mine was 3.98
    Hgb range is 12.0-18.0 Mine was 11.7
    Hct range is 37.0-51.0 Mine was 34.6
    They aren't really that bad. I was just curious as to what they meant as they get a little lower each time.
    My MCV was 87. My Dr. just told me to take iron supplements. Is that what you would recommend too? Thanks for the info.
  5. klutzo

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    I have numbers just a tad higher than yours, and my doc told me I have ACD, which stands for "Anemia of Chronic Disease". This was dx'd after checking my ferretin (iron) which was normal, and my folic acid and B12 levels to make sure they weren't too low (they were too high!).