Could this be CFS?

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    Have just registered here and am new to this, so wonder if anyone can help me? - I have symptoms which seem to me to be a form of CFS but the docs can't find anything wrong and I'm feeling at a bit of a loss:

    * 3 yrs ago chronic insomnia
    * Eventually prescribed anti-depressants for 2 yrs which made me worse - tired, very sedated, couldn't wake up... When I went back to the docs they said I was depressed and increased the dose. Things just got worse
    * I noticed improvement in energy levels when I was late taking my anti-depressants so weaned myself off, against docs advice
    * now better than when taking the antidepressants, but not 100% by any means
    * Intermittently v tired, weak, achy, dry tickly cough with occasional sore throat, need to pee quite a lot, aching arms, legs and back - kind of feels like it's in the bones!!?? Some days fine, others (like today) feel like I'm recovering from a boxing match. Some days I'm overwhelmed with a weariness and all I can do is lie down. I once hid in the ladies at work for several hours as I could barely stay upright - not v impressive behaviour!! Severly affects my ability to live a normal life and my family just think I'm flaky and lazy.
    * Blood tests - thyroid, hormone tests all show up OK so the docs just keep writing "endogenous depression" in my notes.
    Anyone had a similar experience? - Any ideas?
    I'm not working currently but need to - also worried about how I'd cope with my former exec-style life with all this going on.
    Would really appreciate some thoughts!!
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    Concerned that my message will get lost down the list and wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and, if so, what approaches can I take to prevent the medics fobbing me off again? Sometimes I even think I'm just being a hypochondriac!!
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    it could be CFS.there is a wide range of symptoms associated with CFS,including depression for some of us.
    doctors commonly latch on to the depression,then put all your symptoms down to that!
    but the problem is more complex and with such a wide range of symptoms,it could be several other things is common for CFS sufferers to have 'normal' blood.

    you need to see a rheumatologist/immunologist,only they can diagnose you.or even a psychiatrist who can assess if depression is the main problem in your case.a lot of CFS sufferers see psychiatrists,some are helpful,some aren't.

    throwing anti-depressants at you,even if they can be helpful,won't solve all your symptoms

    if you use the search engine and type 'CFS Symptoms' in,it should come up with a full list,

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    You have described very common symptoms of CFS. I would continue to go to the doctor, as some will just write you off as being depressed !!! My first doc tried to do that because I have a tendency to tear in doc's offices. Depression can do a number on your body also, you havn't written much on how you are feeling emotionally, but this dd can also bring on some sorts of depression. The bathroom frequency makes me think you may have fm/cfs... I had that horribly about 6 months ago. You are prob like me having trouble getting a diagnosis!!! Keep on trying don't give up! Esp. if you don't think you have the right diagnosis!! Sometimes we know our bodies more then we think!
  5. Shirl

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    Hi T, welcome to the board. I do not have CFS, I have FM, but can relate to some of the symptoms as they cross over.

    You might want to go to the 'Home' and 'Library' links at the top of this board and read about CFS/FM so you can see what the medical profession has to say about it, as well as the first hand information here on the support board.

    Just stopped to welcome you, and hope you find a good doctor that will take the time to find out what is really wrong instead of just giving you the 'depression' thing.

    I don't know about the CFS patients, but I am not depressed, just have a lot of pain, fatigue, and sleep problems.

    Which I have pretty much under control for over a year now, except the fatigue. But when I do get fatigued, it only lasts a few days, not like with CFS.

    Keep reading here, you will find a wealth of information.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. xTuesdayx

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    Thanks for your replies.

    It is so hard to get the doctors to understand, and one of the problems is that usually by the time I get an appointmnet the worst symptms have passed... for a while!

    No, I'm not depressed. I've seen enough psychiatrists throughout my SSRI phase to know the smptoms and emotionally I am fine. Of course, not working and having these weird phases have an impact on how I feel but I think that is to be expected!!

    Thanks again!
  7. sybil

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    i have both CFS and FMS.

    for most of CFS sufferers,it is a battle to get a diagnosis.i was DX'd with FMS a year ago,i was only DX'd with CFS a month ago,even though i knew i had it.

    people with CFS can be depressed,but it is mostly secondary.the very fact your symptoms are ignored,that you have to fight every step of the way to get any sort of medication for the pain.knowing you have a condition that a lot of people discount as,'purely psychological'is enough to depress anyone!

    i saw a psychiatrist for a while,we had weekly fights about which came first,the CFS,or the Depression.he believed CFS was Psychological.i stopped seeing him after a while,i just realised i was getting nowhere and after each consultation i was getting more and more depressed and frustrated.

    then i saw a Dr Andrew Wright,some of his papers are in the Library on this site.he told me i had CFS and it wasn't psychological,i knew that,but it was nice to have it confirmed! i am now having investigations into the cause of my CFS.even though i am very severly affected,i'm virtually housebound now and i know i may never recover fully,i'm not at all depressed.because someone listened to me and understood what i was going through.

    you must keep fighting to be listened to and force your doctors to refer you to someone who can find out if you have CFS.i know it's hard when you feel ill,to keep fighting to get treatment,but most of us on here have had to do it,or are in the process of doing it,just don't give up!

    good luck,

  8. Achy-shaky

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    Hi & welcome!
    I have both FM/CFS which took 3 years to get dx and I didn't feel my main problem was depression in the beginning, however, when symptoms got worse I decided to go on antidepressant Celexa - it has worked well for improving my mood, sleeping better and in decreasing pain. Sometimes it take finding the right one that helps. What kind of antidepressant did you take? Did you only try one brand?

    Also you need to ask your doctor to refer you to a Rheumatologist for a proper testing for CFS and FM...they are very similar...CFS main symptom is usually fatigue and FM primary symptom is pain, with depression (if applicable) as being secondary mostly due from all problems related to chronic pain/fatigue.

    Wish you luck in finding a good Rheumy - you may be able to get a referal from someone on the board...just post a new topic such as "Looking for Rheumy in Whatever city, st"