Could this be Fibro ?

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    I'm 51 and I have terrible leg pain...when I even go to sit on toilet I can barely get legs feel bruised. I have pain in hands sometimes too but not near as bad as legs..both legs...I take Vicodin for the pain but I don't want to live on that on a day to day basis..I never take more than 1 in a day and the pain doesn't go away all together but is bareable.....what have you guys had luck with ? I go to doctor this friday, is there a test he can run to see if it is fibro ? I've been to arthritis doctor and have been told I have mild arthristis in I am so new at this though I have had ever since I had breast implants removed 4 years ago
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    I used to have the bruised feeling on the backs of my legs also. It was a feeling that the skin was bruised without being bruised....My muscles used to feel like I had been working out for 24 hours, and the pain was awful........I rarely have a flare up these days, but when I do, I know what it is..... The pain is awful!!!!

    I was diagnosed with Fibro about 12 years ago. A Rhuematologist is the best dr to go to, to see if you have Fibro. There is a 18 trigger point test that they do, if you have at least 11 of the 18 trigger points, then you will most likely be diagnosed with Fibro.

    The test just consist of him pressing on these points and if there is pain, then that's it. He will also order blood test too.

    Good luck!!!!!
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    So how did you get to feeling better ? What all do you or did you take ? We sound like we have the same symptoms.
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    To be honest with you......I exercised everyday for 30 minutes, twice a day... The kind of exercise that has you dripping with sweat. This is what my Dr's all told me to do, and believe me, it helped....I pushed myself everyday and just did it.

    I haven't been able to exercise for the past 5 months, due to a bum knee, but I will be getting injections starting on Monday, so hopefully that will help and I can get back on my Elliptical machine & treadmill....

    I also have a pretty physical job, so that keeps me going too. Yes, I still have aches and pains, and I have days where my body just feels like it will fall apart, but I just muster through it, and get going again.
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    Actually the neurologist did several tests and I have nerve damage in the one leg caused by problems in my back. It can lead to pain at times, my leg can give out, and sometimes the toes and foot has pins & needles. I sleep with pillows between my legs to make sure that my legs are comfortable. My hand pain was carpel tunnel and a orthopedic hand specialist helped me with the carpel tunnel with treatments at home and a special hand brace that I slept in for a long time and wore all day.

    I don't know what speciality of doctor you are seeing, but that doctor may do all types of initial checks to see if there are any hints of the above.

    If everything works out okay with the leg and hand pain, then you may want to address the arthritis in the knees and get a referral to a physical therapist. I have arthritis in the knees and am 58. I had a riser on my toilet, but took it off because I so wanted to work out my knees and it hurt for a while and eventually after using the lowered toilet seat for about a month without the riser, that knee pain on the toilet went away.

    Arthritis I understand impacts both the bone and the cartilage. My biggest fear with my knees was to give in to the arthritis in my knees, accept using the toilet riser, and thus stop working the knees at that lower height. That would mean eventually I wouldn't be able to lower myself with my knees to use a bath seat in the shower if I needed it (my bath seat is at regular toilet seat level) and it can make it harder to lower yourself with your knees to get down and up from some sofas and some chairs (particularly some lawn/patio chairs). I'm glad I resisted the temptation and kept working the knees.

    See what this doctor finds.