Could this be FM???

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  1. Ladysmith52

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    Hi All -
    Over the past five years, in particular but much longer than that, I have had muscle aches/pains, tiredness, joint flare-ups, lower back nodules that get inflamed, vague sore throats, etc.

    In particular, I had terrible right hip pain for about a month and had a hard time walking & getting up and down from a chair - but it finally went away on its own.

    Shortly after that, I got a horrible pain (felt like bursitis) in the top joint of my right shoulder. This pain lasted for months and I had to be put on Vioxx. It would seem to clear and then two weeks off Vioxx and it came right back. It finally cleared with several cortisone shots.

    Lately, I have had thumb joint pain in my hand that hurts like crazy and then goes away without a trace, only to return within a month.

    This week, I had a flare-up in my right hip joint. The pain actually wakes me in the night. So far, it is lessening with hot whirlpools, Aleve & sleeping with a pillow between my legs.

    I also have constant fatigue, vague sore throats that come & go frequently, aches/pains in my toes/feet, shins, hips, upper back/shoulders & lower back almost constantly. A rheumatologist a few years back told me that I have "slight FM" but didn't elaborate at the time.

    My lab tests for Epstein-Barr came back negative when tested three years ago.

    When I get viruses, it takes me twice as long to recuperate than my hubby or family members - even my 89 y/o dad! It makes me feel very unhealthy, to say the least.

    I'm sorry to have ranted on & on. I appreciate any input.
  2. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    And welcome to our little home here, we are so glad you found us, it does sound like FM, I have hip pain as well as the other places you are talking about the pain keeps me up all the time and the fatigue I have is incredible to the point where I want to scream at everyone. Have you been tested for RA? Ask your Rheumy how many triggers points you have and see if he/she can prescribed you any meds for your pain, if you are not satisfied with this Dr maybe get a referral to a different Dr.

    love to all, Ann
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  3. Ladysmith52

    Ladysmith52 New Member

    Hi Ann -
    Thank you for your reply. No, I have not been tested for RA, however the rheumy I went to a few years back checked me and stated I didn't have it. Is this possible that he could examine me and tell me this?
  4. Ladysmith52

    Ladysmith52 New Member

    Hi Prickles -
    Thank you very much for taking the time to list for me all of your secrets! I have filed them for future use. As it turns out, last night before bed I actually got in the jacuzzi tub with very hot water, directing the jets onto my right hip. Afterwards, I took an Aleve, put some Hot & Icy rub on my affected hip, and then went to bed with the pillow between my legs and a heating pad on my hip. All of that seemed to work together to help me b/c this morning when I got up, I could actually walk without too much of a limp and most of the pain upon walking is gone.

    I'm finding that sitting for long periods of time exacerbates my hip tremendously, so I'm trying to stay off the computer as much as possible - I have an addiction to it so this is hard for me! :)

    Thank you again and I will definitely check out your profile!
  5. Ladysmith52

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    Hi Elaine -
    Thank you for posting. Today when I found this site, I signed up to receive the newsletters and they have actually begun to arrive.

    I'm sure I'll be posting more questions in the near-future as I begin to sort through this concept of actually having FM and/or CFS.
    Thanks again!
  6. Ladysmith52

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    Hi -
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely be checking out everything on the website. I just began taking a pre-natal daily vitamin - not that I am pregnant but b/c the regular daily vitamins upset my stomach. I also take an Omega-3 daily and calcium w/D. I've just begun this regimen recently so I can't say whether I am benefiting from it yet.

    I belong to a Valley Fever survivors message board b/c I was diagnosed a year ago with VF. However, my internist & my pulmonologist disagreed about whether I had it or not. My internist said I did and treated me for five months with a heavy-duty anti-fungal drug. My pulmonologist said I did not have it and when I asked him why I still felt so lousy, he said he believed I have a "connective-tissue" problem and suggested I see a rheumy. I have a friend who went to this particular rheumy and she said not to waste my time. So here I am.......

    Thanks to all who have welcomed me :)

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