Could this be my mystery illness?

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    Hello everyone. I am new here! Please bare with me as this will be a long post, but hopefully you guys could enlighten me as to whether this prolonged mystery illness I have could in fact be Fibromyalgia.

    To begin I am a formerly healthy 30 year old man, 5'11'' and 150ish lbs. It all started in late December of last year when I began having night sweats and chills during the day. When it first began, I immediately went to the doctor. Since my cervical lymph nodes were also swollen, she performed a neck CT scan, CBC, and metabolic panel. All normal. I was uneased by this, and so I also began developing bad anxiety and depression.

    My symptoms continued until February when my resting heart rate suddenly began staying around 100 bpm. Went to a cardiologist and diagnosed with sinus tachycardia. Well then I began noticing darker colored stools and weight loss... went to a gasteroenterologist, and had a tiny peptic ulcer.

    March comes around and I begin experiencing dehabilitating fatigue. Also, I begin having urinary symptoms. Occasional flank pain, nocturia, foamy urine, and cloudy urine. When all of this first began, I thought it was cancer related due to the sweats, chills, lymph nodes, and eventual weight loss.

    Since March, I've been convinced it's entirely kidney related, with my current theory leaning towards a vicious kidney infection. Here are my current symptoms:

    Occasional headaches
    Tinnitus especially at night
    Daytime bruxism
    Seems my vision is "different"
    Mental confusion
    Bad fatigue
    No appetite at all
    Nausea about once or twice a week
    Hair growth has slowed
    Nails seem pitted
    Restless feet during day
    Occasional muscle twitching
    Occasional insomnia
    My muscles seemed to have atrophied. For example, my calves and thighs are doughy. When I flex them, they get hard, though.
    Skin is very dry/scaly/cracklely
    Muscle cramps occasionally, especially legs
    Hand Tremor - varies from none to mild
    Muscle weakness
    Loss of libido
    Strange skin manifestation on back
    Cloudy urine / foamy
    Nocturia seems to have subsided.
    Occasional dizziness

    To me, everything points to uremia and a kidney infection. The problem is I have seen 2 Nephrologists, urologist, and a rheumatologist. All of my labs come back normal. The only thing that doesn't is sometimes my MCV is a bit low, blood sugar a little high, vitamin d a bit low and my urinalysis will sometimes show mucus, hyaline casts and micro rbc.

    So I am suffering from some undiagnosed condition, believe it is kidney related but has alluded lab results. The more I read about Fibromyalgia, the more I think it is possible. I guess the main doubt about my own theory is the fact that I am still alive. It would seem if I had uremia, which manifest went kidney function is less than 5-10%, I'd be dead considering the majority of those symptoms began in March. I keep thinking I'm dying and I'll be dead in x time, but I always make it to x.

    Thus now I am open to other possibilities. I know Fibromyalgia can cause fatigue, skin, urinary, mental and gastrointestinal symptoms. Perhaps it is indeed somatic in nature. Do any of you experience the severity of my mentioned synptoms? I'd be interested to know. By the way, I am seeing a psychologist as well as to not completely rule out mental aspects. My biggest fear is my muscle weakness/atrophy which theoretically could be from disuse.

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    Hi and welcome to ProHealth! I am glad you found us.

    It is my opinion that you have much more going on than fibromyalgia. I would not accept any doctor telling me that it is psychological.

    It sounds very possible that you have one or more hidden infections.

    If conventional doctors cannot correctly diagnose and treat you, then I highly suggest that you find a Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine doctor who will look for the root causes of your many symptoms. You could also consider a Naturopathic Doctor.

    Conventional medicine is disease based and tends to mostly prescribe drugs to cover up symptoms instead of finding the root causes of one's problems and addressing them.

    You may have to pay out of pocket to have some testing and appointments, but it could be very worth it.

    Functional and Integrative doctors use different tests from top notch labs that actually find root causes.

    Here are a few links to help you search for a Functional Medicine doctor, Integrative Medicine doctor or Naturopathic doctor in your area. You may have to travel a little farther than you normally would to find one.

    I sure hope you find the help that you deserve and fully recover.