Could this be remission?

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    Hello Everyone and a Happy HEALTHY New Year,
    It has been two months since I last checked into the message board.I have taken myself off all treatments. I needed a break.It has been 3 months and no abx or natural supplments.I bought a house and needed to feel good enough to get through the move. I am pleased to inform you that I have some engery.I am working every day.I was very sick for 3-4 years and was finally diagnosed this march. Treated with oral abx for 7 months.I was so sick and weak during treatment that I just backed off for a while now I am afaird that I dont have the nerve to start back up. I still have fatigue (in bed at 7:30 some nights) also muscle spasams in my back and head.False tooth aches. Stiff joints.,Migrains Floaters,Memory problems,Facail tightness and the most frightening the heart schocks. They are like mini heart attacks. I am always surprised when I surive them. And I think this is remission. But I am begining to think this is as good as it gets. I feel like this is what my body is reduced to. I guss I am hopeing that the incredable people that meet here can tell me what thier opinion is. May God bless you all and Keep you well.
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    What's been outlined for my son is that as time passes, he will be able to take longer breaks without abx... it's not a bad idea to pulse abx, btw, in fact it is how my son has been treated, at first it was weekends off plus one week/month, now 2 5-day weeks 'on', the next 2 'off' all meds.

    When he's gotten too overwhelmed he has taken as long as 6 weeks off all treatment to let his immune system recover... but inevitably the pain starts creeping back in, and he's motivated to again start the abx.

    I've been told/read that the replication cycle is very slow compared to other bacteria - approximately 28 days (for comparison, strep is about 20 minutes!)... but you might want to think about starting up again. Unfortunately if one has had it a long time, it usually takes a long time to beat it into submission (well, I call it that rather than remission, but definitely interchangeable words!). Especially with oral abx, as it takes longer than IVs.

    all the best,
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    Thank you so much for the valuable info. You are so kind. I am trying to ingore this nasty diseas. I know that is probally just agrace period, but after being so sick for so long I feel like just being free to live without all the hardships of treatment. I currently have a 9 month suply of ABX at home and a large box full of supplemnts. I will get up the nerve to herx and stepout of life again in the next week or two. I will try pulsing this time and see how that goes.This site and you folks are amazing. I am so very grateful for all the info. My family doctor is also lyme+ and just relasped. I recomened this site to him and told him that even he will learn alot. Thanks again and may we all feel great in 08.
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    I just took over a week off abx, mainly because I was on vacation in the tropics, and didn't want to be on doxycycline because of the sensitivity to the sun that it gives. I felt great for a few days--it gave me a picture of how I'll feel in the future for longer than a week.

    I figured I pay when I went back on them, and sure enough, the first week was worse, and then I went back where I was when I stopped them. It's been tolerable for me. Your description of your symptoms is exactly what I have as a herx on abx.

    I'm sorry you had such a hard herx while being treated, but it looks like you're not well at all. Maybe you could ask your doctor if you could take breaks enough that you can tolerate your treatment better.

    My doctor told me taking a week off abx wouldn't change the outcome of my treatment. I'm already planning on taking another one the next time I go on vacation.

    Anyway, I encourage you not to give up. Maybe your doctor could try other meds, or other herbs, and you could find something that agrees a little better with you.
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    Happy New Year,
    Thanks for the info. I realise that Im still very sick. Alot of people that I talk to that are chronicly ill with lymes tell me that they are never whole again. So I figured that this is as good as it gets.The messages that I read here show me that it is worth trying again. My biggest concern is the damage that my heart has. The mytro valve prolaspes (2) and the heart blocks. Im never really sure if Im having aheart attack or not.I have been to the ER 5 times and was hospilized twice. Once in the cardo unit for 5 days without any finial diagonsis. It worries me that this is where the disease could be fatal. The heart schocks are hard on my system and leave my weak with numbness in my left arm with sweats. Scarry stuff. I can live with the rest of the damage.The nuero problems, major memory loss and slurred speeech. Well you know the problems. All and all I will try treatment again. Thanks so much for your help. May God bless you all.
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    Of course, I suggest you contact your doctor before anything you do, but I was having heart palps (felt like spasms) and someone here suggested hawthorne, the leaves and flowers (not the fruit, it's good for something else). It's helped me.
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    my son suddenly felt weird heart sensations for about a week, so his local doctor ran an EKG, it was abnormal ...

    So, he was referred for stress test. That night however we found that he'd stopped supplementing with extra magnesium, so he started taking it againimmediately. The stress test (only 2 days later) was totally normal, including 2 different EKGs run that day + echo...

    Lyme needs magnesium, so extra may be required... if you google the 2 words together, you'll find lots of info about it. Also I believe the Townsend Letter's Feb 2005 article about Lyme had a list of supplements... I'm sure you'll find info elsewhere too.

    Hope this helps,

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    I know if I asked you guys would have great info. Im going to check into the magnesium. I was n it for awhile and it seems as though I was feeling better then. Thanks Again
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    I just happened to find this website, it had a page specifically on magnesium and lyme, so you might want to review it: