Could this be YOU? MVPS/D )))PLEASE READ(((

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  1. Hope4Sofia

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    Hi All,

    I have mitral valve prolapse syndrome/dysautonomia or MVPS/D but it took me 16 years to find that out.

    There is a lot of info on line about this. I highly recommend looking into it if you haven't already. It explains many of the symptoms of FM and CFS.

    Here is a short excerpt from the website for The Society For Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome:

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    What is MVP Syndrome? Forty percent of patients with mitral valve prolapse also have an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system, or ANS, called dysautonomia. The ANS is composed of two systems; the parasympathetic and the sympathetic. It controls virtually all bodily functions, such as respiration, heartbeat, blood pressure, vision, and digestion. When this system is out of balance it can cause myriad of symptoms, including panic attacks, anxiety, fatigue, palpitations, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and more. This combination of symptoms is know as MVP Syndrome. Diagnosis is made by physical examination, a careful medical history, and an echocardiogram. Unfortunately, MVP does not always show up on an echocardiogram. Thus, MVPS is a clinical diagnosis. Usually symptoms do not show up before the age of 14 or 15, but more and more children display central nervous system symptoms before the MVP shows up. Ninety-eight percent of people with MVP Syndrome have nothing wrong with their heart. The majority of symptoms are caused by an out-of-balance nervous system.

    MVPS info: Common triggering events - childbirth, major viral illness, menopause, accident, surgery, college (leaving home and stress), death of a loved one, marriage, moving, divorce. Our nervous system doesn't differentiate between good or bad stress.

    People with MVPS have a higher incidence of: TMJ temporomandibular joint dysfunction), scoliosis, fibromyalgia, PMS, fibrocystic breast disorder, tinnitus, infertility, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), altitude sickness, seasickness, and endometriosis.

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  2. Hope4Sofia

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    I hope some of you find this helpful.
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    but what came first the chicken or the egg? If we have this, and I do beleive I do, did CFS/FM cause it or did it cause CFS/FM symptoms or are they unrelated or interelated?

    How have you treated yours?
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    I'm not sure but I think the studies I've read have suggested that the dysautonomia is the primary condition (largely hereditary) and that the rest is a result of the failure of the autonomic nervous system.

    I get confused on whether they are the same condition or different. They seem so similar. My first diagnosis was FM until they found the MVPS/D.

    I did learn that 85% of people with MVP have a chronic magnesium deficiency. Mag deficiency can result in tetany (cramping muscles). That makes sense to me so I've recently added Mag supplements to my diet.

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    I forgot how much it helps. I used to get an IV push of B12 and magnesium from Dr. Susan Levine in New York. Now that I live on the other side of the country I have not been able to find a doctor who gives this combo into the vein. It helped me so much so that for several days I felt NORMAL.

    I'm taking an antiviral and doxycycline. They both say not to take with magnesium. One says take mag five hours afterward so its hard to fit the mag in. Thanks again!
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    I think MVP has been pushed aside a lot like CFS until just recently. They used to think a large portion of the population had it, now they believe only 2 to 5% actually do.

    The other thing is that a lot of people can have it with now symptoms and be relatively healthy. Then there are people like you and I who actually have what they call MVPS (S is for syndrome) or in other words dysautonomia.

    Most doc's don't understand dysautonomia. It is a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The material I've read says that MVP is actually secondary to the dysautonomia. They believe it is some kind of connective tissue disease.

    It is also highly genetic (a dominant trait).

    As far as treatment goes, that's what I'm trying to work out. I've been told we need even more water than the average person. I am on Toprol because I experience tachycardia when I'm upright.

    The test that diagnosed the dysautonomia for me was a tilt table test. You really can't diagnose it just sitting in a doc's office because you're body generally won't be reacting right then.

    I suggest you look further into it as they say that it is frequently misdiagnosed as CFS. They could also be comorbid. My aunt has it so bad that she is bed-ridden most of the time and can hardly talk on the phone.

    Let me know if you find anything else.


  8. Fudge43

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    Hi there .. I have a minor MVP .. previously I have taken anti-biotics for dental cleaning .. it really messed my stomach up .. bad stomach ache .. so now I was wondering, since I have been told it is a minor MVP whether I should just skip the anti-biotics this time ?
    Any thoughts or experience appreciated !
    Thanks !
    Joy : )

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