Could this have been the start of my Fibro/CFS?

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    Having a day of major fatigue and my glands are swollen. They seem to do this when I am tired.

    I've been trying to think when my problem's started. I had bad 'charly horse/growing pain's when I was in grade school. In 1988 I came down with a sore throat, laringytis (sp), and very swollen neck. I was so extremely tired. All I did is sleep for a week. My friend's dad died during the same time, and I went to the funeral. Also tried to go back to work in the second week. I was exhausted and weak at the funeral, and the same when I tried to go back to work. Could not do it. Totally unlike me. On the couch for another solid week. Symptom's seemed to ebb from there. I had 2 young children and a husband who completely took over for that time. Thank heaven.

    I was tested for mono several time's and was negative. Similar symptom's happened when I was working out one day @ Curve's in 2002. I had come from a 4 hour work day, of teaching 3 y/o preschool. No big deal. By the end of my second exercise I was tired, drained, and weak. I went home and slept 5 hours. Downhill from there. My dad was dying of cancer at the same time. I helped my mom in caregiving so dad could stay home. After seeing 6 doctor's, one finally diagnosed me with Fibro and CFS.

    Have not worked since Dad's death in 2003. I am blessed we were able to do without it.

    Is is possible the above symptom's,over the year's, triggered my Fibro/CFS, or were a part of it that had layed dormant? I always go back to that period in 1988 which seemed very similar to what life is like now. The only difference being, it didn't go away in 2003.

    I'd appreciate any idea's, thought's, etc., anyone could share.

    I wish you all a peaceful day..

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    On possible genetic deficiencies involved in our illnesses. An infection triggered my CFIDS/ME full blown but I can look back into childhood in hindsight to see omens of things yet to come.

    Love, Mikie
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    Please read this really good article from the Prohealth library....

    Many people here have found that they had chronic infections like Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme), Bartonella (swollen glands, etc), Babesia and others.

    Here is some more info...

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