could those on the guai please raise your hand and be known?

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  1. seaview

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    This board is my only way of keeping up and I can not use the guai board due to it being a newsgroup and my hubby does not like all those emails.

    So, a quick note to say who you are and how long you have been using it would be so wonderful for all of us who are new to it. Any additional comments would be totally appreciated.
    Thanks so much for your time.....Kathleen
  2. obrnlc

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    hi kathleen! i am on it but not real knowledgable about it. has definitely caused a worsening of symptoms, so i do believe it will work--but WHEN is the question. i don;t know how to get on guai support board, so i have gotten alot of info here. One of the moderators (shirl or mikie?) i think had great results with it if i remember correctly. good luck--i will be talking with you again. Laurie
  3. Fibromiester

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    Hey, Kathleen, I've been on it a year. I had had Plantar Fascitis of the foot, and Carpal Tunnel, which aren't suppose to go away. But they did- and I believe it was the "thining action" of the guai...But my FMS/MPS symptoms are bad, if not worse. Hhmmm
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    I agree with your husband, I do not like all those emails either. I have been taking Guaif.600 mgs. about 2 months now. I have noticed more pain in areas that I do not normally have pain so I guess the medicine is working. I hope the medicine really does work because I do not need more pain - I will stick with it though. Please let me know how you are doing also. Great to know someone else is grinning and bearing it.
    Good luck, Sleeper01
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    Am only on my second day of it, so don't have much to say....have posted elsewhere on this. According to what I've read, it should take me 3 yrs. to reverse. I cannot afford to stay on it if I don't see the noticeable worsening of symptoms they talk about. I don't believe that everything works for everyone.
    Mikie is the Moderator who takes Guai.I believe she has been on it for almost 2 yrs., but not sure.
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    I've been around this board off and on for about three years where I first learned of this modality of treatment. I belong to a small guai support group that is in the city where I live. It is beneficial to see people in person who are on the same treatment. This group is limited to guai users only. I pop in here occasionally to check guai posts and if I can add anything I do. On St Amand's support group site I belive there is a way to view the postings without having all the emails sent to your address. I didn't like that either. I've been told there is a way to just view and read but I havn't tried it yet.

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    I've been on guai 7 months. It's puzzling to me, cuz when I started there was some pain in certain areas, but mostly I was exhausted, to the point where in order to sit up so I could eat, I had to lean on my forearms. Now I'm tired but not exhausted, but the pain in now in my hips, back, knees and ankles -- places that did not really hurt before I began taking it. I do not know whether it works, but I keep on with it just in case! When I read Dr. St. A's book, it said you get flares which cycle and subside, and I've pretty much been in one flare for 6 months. Wierd.

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    Been on Guai since November; feel worse so far. Had one short period where I felt a lot better for about 3 hours, really weird.

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    and will not and I repeat WILL NOT get all the email if you check the box that says (No Mail) then all you do is log on and read and respond to mail without anything being emailed to you... that is what I have and I love it.