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    I've been trying to get some info from the board regarding the DD to take to my "DOC" in May. I've found some really great stuff. But I have a question regarding your medications. How do you get the Doc to let you try this stuff???? Here's what I take:

    Paxil (40 mgs)
    Keppra (150 mgs)
    Darvocet (100-650) (i had 15 to last from March to May)

    He wants me off all medication. I have no idea why and he has no plans for me to take anything. None the above helps much..well not a all really, so dumping them and trying something else is not a problem as I feel I deserve some relief!! He acts like you shouldn't be taking anything for these DD's. And I read you guy's posts and you seem to have tried many things along the way. The only other things I've tried were skelaxin (didn't work/also with another doc), and Serzone (same doc that prescribed skelaxin, it almost killed me it was so bad)

    I'm not sure how to approach this. I really don't know what to do. After reading these boards and researching some of the info provided in the last couple of days since i've joined, I even more feel my "Doc" is a "cattle puncher" just herding me in and getting me out. I felt like that before and now it's quite obvious.

    I live in the middle of nowhere and Rhumetologists are few and far between. The one I go to now is 150 miles away. I have a few more choices (2 I think) I've seen 2 also.

    I just wanted some input from you guys on what you suggest.

    I welcome any suggestions you may have.

    Again, thanks for listening!


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    Try another doc. I have seen many and have yet to see a Rheumy...plan on it soon though. I go to the local pain clinic and I live in a rural area about 90 miles north east of K.C, Mo. Any other doc have the duty to treat your pain...its on the patients bill of rights you can obtain at any doc's office. It is your right weather you have a cattle doctor or not. 15 darvocet for 2 months is crazy!!! I take lortab 4 times a day, neurotin 600 3 times, klonipin at night, lidoderm patches you put right where you are hurting, buspar, singulair for the asthma and allergies, and zanaflex which is a stronger muscle relaxer than sklexain. I have been where you are and you must insist to give yourself the right to be heard and be more assertive, not aggressive, but assertive. When you are hurting bad enough or tired enough it shows. Your doc sounds like an uncaring person and you deserve better. Here to hope for our future.
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    another dr. Thats the best advise I can give. He sounds like someone in it for the money.....

  4. Chloe

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    Besides a boatload of vitamin supplements, the best meds I take are 4 mgs Zanaflex at night (available in generic form) and Duratus GP tablets (1 tablet twice/day). The Zanaflex is a muscle relaxer which also makes me drowsy It helps with the leg spasms and does not produce such a mental hangover as some other meds I've tried. The Duratuss has the cough expectorant in it that I can't spell or pronounce - something like guafenysine, I think. Liquid "g,,," is available OTC (I've seen in at WalMart) but several people in my support group say it tastes terrible. My doctor suggested the Duratuss which has the "g..." and generic Sudafed since I tend to have a little sinus/allergy issue as well. The "g..." has made the biggest difference in my life. Good luck!
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