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    This is a major vent BEWARE !I just need to talk to someone and figured you guys are the best group around.I am currently in the middle of bankruptcy due to soooo many medical bills I just couldnt handle them even with my husbands Ins.I was tested for everything possible after the diag of fms because the doctors swore it was more than just the fms everything came back neg !ms ,lupus,brain tumor,Ra,nerve conduction test, cat scan, mri's ,x-rays blood work you name it I have done it they swore I had Ra but the Rhuematoid factor came back okay.They decided it is Oa and Fms after all that.I have severe migraines to where I vomit numbness in the legs severe depression dizziness get maybe 3 hrs of sleep a night and have already had one knee surgery.Along with a husband that is zero support who I believe doesnt even remember I have all these problems because I have learned to hold it all in because I know I wouldnt get any support from anyone.Oh dont forget the 2,4,and 6 yr old love them to death but man are they work!You name a drug and I have tried it nothing really helps that much and right now I couldnt afford the perscription anyways.Does anyone have any advice tips or cheap home remedies for the pain?I currently dont even have a doctor because I lost mine in the BK I am 25 and feel 90.To ad to everthing else I went to the gyn last month because I stopped having cycles and I was told after more test I am going through premature menopause yeah!Please dont take me as a winer I just had to let it all out and I knew you guys would know where I am coming from.Does anyone know of any good docs around Mansfield Ohio Thanks hope to here from some of you soon. Tanita
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    First off, I want to say welcome to the board, I have not noticed your name as posting before. I do not often reply to many messages, I mostly lurk, but your post caught my eye, as you are going through some of what I have been recently.
    My hubby and I had to file for bankruptcy this year too, and it too was because of soooo many medical bills! How embarrassing that is! He does have insurance as well, but it only goes so far, and nowadays that isn’t very far! And with the economy the way it is, his job may be fazed out too, added worry! They have already cut down his salary paycheck by 5%, and baby let me tell you that we need all of that paycheck in order to live, and raise 4 children! I have been unable to work for several years now, and of course I have just recently filed for, well not so recent, last year, disability. I found out that I should have done so sooner, but I always had hopes that maybe someday I would return to the workforce. I have been through appeals lately, had my first time before the judge, and OMG I wouldn’t wish that upon my worse enemy, it was horrid to say the least. So, my attorney plans to appeal again, in hopes that we will get another judge, with the one I had a few months ago, it seemed as if it were more of a moral issue, that I was only 40 and didn’t work! I couldn’t be soooo sick that I wasn’t able to hold down some sorta work! =( Anyway, this is turning into my own VENT session, sorry I didn’t mean to have that happen! I wanted to offer you some words of encouragement, but honey I am afraid that I don’t have any! Just try to keep the faith, pray to whomever you need too!

    I also forgot to mention that my hubby is ZERO in the support department! But my best friend is a godsend, she too suffers with FMS, so she knows exactly where I am coming from, but I just hope that I never wear her out with all my whoas mes!

    Hopefully there will be someone along soon that will have some answers for you, ah heck with it, BOTH of us! =) I have tried many drugs too without avail, so I know what you mean there too. I often try to occupy my mind with a funny moive, if I can keep the thought process enough, try to find a happy place to go, imagine what I would be doing IF I only could! Take some hot bubble baths, live with my new best friends, any muscle rub that will take my mind away from all the pain/achiness, and oh yea my heating pad too!

    Again, welcome hope that maybe you will get some much needed answers soon! Look forward to getting to know you.

    With much love-
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    Its nice to know I am not alone not that I would wish all this on anybody else.Thanks Again
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    I am fairly new as well, but I just had to tell you that this group is great.
    There are pages upon pages of information here. I really suggest you read some of them and if you husband has an email, send him the link.
    Mine wont touch a computer and thinks I am nuts sometimes, but He loves me anyway.
    Good luck to ya and God bless you
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    or your local social services and see if you can get some help from them. I have been thru some of what you have years ago so I know about finding a doctor. '

    But that is what I would do. See if they will give you any support or pay your medical bills after your husband's insurance pays. I know a few people that have this. I don't know how your SS dept works because each state's is different but I would give it a try.

    There are allot of people that need it and there are allot of people who really don't need and get it anyway.

    Does you state have a free clinic?? We have one here in N>C> but I don't know much about it.

    I hope someone will give you the help you need.

    Gentle Hugs
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    bump this up for fibrofogqueeno1.

    She needs some more help from others here.

    gentle Hugs,
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    My hubby and I also filed for bankruptcy a few months ago. Same reason, lots of medical bills and his company was not doing well. He recently got a new job in another state, so we are moving soon. My husband has already started there and I am doing the packing and taking care of 3 kids. We are moving in two weeks (heavy sigh). Take care of yourself.
    Love, KCD
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    Look up "community clinics" in the yellow pages. You should be able to find community clinics in your area that will see you on a "sliding scale" basis. Using a community clinic most of the time won't help with paying for the meds you may need.

    You may also qualify for county services, and might wish to apply at your county. I'd check into that as an option. You may have co-pay, but it definitely would be better than having to pay the entire bill. In addition, county services usually will assist in obtaining medication (sliding scale - better than nothing).

    The M.D. may prescribe an anti-depressant, pain medication, or other medication that is geared to help you to get good sleep. It seems that sleep is really important for those with FMS. Those who have better sleep seem to have decreased pain.

    The only thing that I can think of as true "home remedies" for FMS are: (1) OTC (over-the-counter) anti-inflammatory types of pain relievers such as ibuprofen; (2) plenty of good sleep and taking warm milk if needed to induce the sleep; (3) nice bath soaks to help reduce muscle pain, etc; (4) aerobic exercise such as walking about 15 to 20 minutes three times a week to build up endorphins that helps one to "feel better" (eventually); (5) massage by a friend or willing husband, etc; and (6) anything else that makes you or might make you feel "good."

    I would suggest that you start by taking the OTC anti-inflammatory about 45 minutes before bedtime, climb into a nice warm - hot bath tub, while in the tub drink a glass of warmed milk (may add honey), and then crawl into bed. You should be ready to fall asleep within minutes after that routine. Before doing this, make sure all the little ones are nice and asleep and hubby is "taken care of."

    "Alternative" types of treatments are not usually less costly than traditional western medicine treatments. Herbal treatments also may cost more than you would like.

    Also, have a heart to heart with hubby regarding what is going on with your body. There is some good info on this site to share with him. I think that by being open with him, it may open a whole new vista for the two of you.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

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    I wish I could give you some tips or cheap home remedies for the pain. I'm still trying to find them too. I do take lots of hot baths. I do have an ear to listen and be supportive. We especially need that here when it's hard for non fibro people to understand. "25 and feel 90" Oh how many times I've said ages are just a little older though.

    We're going thru a bankruptcy too. I wish I could say it was for medical bills, but it's not. We've been fight for custody of my step son. A year later I found out he was abusing my two little ones. So after over a year of putting everything into this child. We lost it all to lawyers, and my little ones lost most of all.

    I know it's hard taking care of the kids. Do you find your self saying mommy's tired or sick? I try not to let it effect them, but it does. I just pray our kids don't end up with this crap.

    You vent all you want to I'll listen

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    Thanks for the reply I am glad to here from other people in Bk I felt so bad about myself when I had to file it was just the last result.My husband is the only one who works because I just am not able to so we really have to watch our money and I just couldnt afford the med bills on top of everyday bills.It is really hard not having a support at home he isnt mean to me about it but he just really doesnt care either.The funny thing is he is the kind of guy laying on the couch moaning and groaning needing me to get every little thing for him when he has a cold or the flu hello I feel that way everyday!Sorry to hear about your troubles hope everything works out for you in the future. Thanks again Tanita