Could you cure your Fibromyalgia?

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    I was healthy and fit until I had food poisoning in January 2010. I was very sick, bedridden for five days and became totally dehydrated.
    Just as I thought, I was getting better, my whole body became painful and I was very tired. I could hardly walk, lift my arms and do daily chores. My doctor put me on anti-inflammatories, but the pain continued.
    My doctor referred me to a rheumatologist who tested the tender points on my body and sent me for blood tests. He prescribed stronger anti-inflammatories, pain medication and a very high dose of vitamin D.
    I visited a chiropractor and the treatments helped a bit.
    The anti-inflammatories and painkillers have caused me have terrible stomach pain. I am now using medication to protect my stomach lining.
    The tension and pain in the muscles of my neck, shoulders and especially my back, continues 24/7. I feel tired all the time.
    Could you cure your Fibromyalgia?
    I will appreciate any help to relieve the pain and help me discontinue the medications (with its side effects).

    Thank you :)
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    Vinkel - I don't have FM (I do have CFS). But I have read that magnesium and malic acid, or magnesium malate (which is a combination of the two), has helped many people who have FM with pain and energy.

    It'd be an easy place to start. Also, you might re-title your post to something like, need help with pain and energy. Asking if people can cure FM is a pretty tall order and many may not look at your post because of that. But if you change your title to something more manageable, you may get more replies.

    Also you can do a search at the top of the page to see what has helped others.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you Mary for your valuable advice. As a new member it will really help me a lot.:)
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    Hi Vinkel,
    If you have fibromyalgia you should get off the anti-inflammatories as soon as possible. They do not work for FM and are damaging in the long run. You now have stomach irritation and I assume you are also now taking Omeprazole (a PPI or proton pump inhibitor). As earlier stated magnesium is helpful for FM and very important if you a going to continue taking the PPI.

    This is what we use generically, with individual variations to suit:

    magnesium (citrate, glycinate or threonate, sometimes magnesium malate, however some people do find it less effective) 200mg twice daily. Permanently.
    vitamin D3 (not D2) 5000IU daily (If you get little sun then this is continuously and permanently)
    EPA/DHA in the ratio of 3:1 to 5:1 (EPA is more anti-inflammatory than DHA, which is still important. Failing this, an omega-3-pufa containing purified EPA and DHA.
    Vitamin B12 1000mcg (1mg) as sublingual lozenge, daily (also very important if you are taking a PPI and you are over age 50)
    zinc chelate or other giving 25mg zinc daily
    vitamin K (use the form which has a mix of K2 and K1, not k1 by itself)

    If you can, also add the following:
    vitamin B6 20mg daily, vitamin B1 50 mg daily,(or a multiB)
    potassium citrate (or other form), 100mg to 300mg daily (This is because you are taking in a lot of magnesium. (If you can tolerate the potassium because people with ME and FM often have interstitial cystitis and find that extra potassium irritates the bladder.
    vitamin A 10,000IU twice weekly.

    It does sound like a lot but they all work together.

    You doctor has already put you on vitamin D but you didn't state the dose. I assume when you said "high" you meant 50,000IU weekly which s/he would drop when your vitamin D blood levels get over 50ng/ml.
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    Hi IanH

    Thank you, I appreciate all the advice you have given me. I will investigate which, and the dose of supplements mentioned by you, I am already using. I will then determine what I can add.

    "I assume you are also now taking Omeprazole" (a PPI or proton pump inhibitor). Yes I am taking Omeprazole.

    Thank again:)
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    I agree get off the antiflammatories
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    Re potassium - I found that potassium citrate did irritate my bladder, and led directly to a couple of UTI's. However, I tolerate potassium gluconate just fine. It works just as well, and without any bad side effects.

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    Lets have some clarity here. When I said get off the anti-inflammatories I was referring to the pharmacological, strong tissue targeting anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDS and Steroids. It would be very rare that Cox-2 inhibitors like viox or celebrex be prescribed for Fm anyway.

    The "nutritional" or herbal anti-inflammatories are a different matter altogether. For example EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) is an anti-inflammatory omega-3 oil but its action is quite different to ibuprophen or naproxen. Vitamin D3 is anti-inflammatory but, like EPA is immune modulatory, meaning it reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines but it wont reduce osteoarthritic inflammation directly. Ibuprophen would bring down local inflammation within days but vitamin D3 will not do that at all. Nor will white willow bark, anatabloc or zyflamend.

    OA and RA are not FM. If you have both then you are treating two conditions.

    FM does influence pain in OA because the immune system is overly involved in the pathology, so by taking immuno-modulatory nutrients like vitamin D3 or EPA or DHA you would be sort of asking your immune system to be kind to your OA.
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    Hi Jamin

    My rheumatologist told me that it is difficult to give an exact diagnosis of my disease, but the diagnosis indicates Fibromyalgia, although I also have symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Both are part of the Arthritis family.
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    Thank you for sharing your information Ian, it is much appreciated.
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    Chronic Fatigue always involves structural issues. Usually, the Occipital bone is out and is pinching the Vagas nerve. It is also possible that the person has a hiatal hernia that is also pinching the Vagas nerve. When these are fixed and the nutritional needs are met, the problem is almost always solved. These both can be remedied naturally in two days if you know what to do and what to take. Treating the symptoms only complicates the problems by creating more symptoms, and a never ending cycle. I have cured both CFS and Fibromyalgia many times in my 34 years of practicing alternative health consulting. I would love to be able to relieve the suffering of more people, but most forums do not allow you to give contact information, so I am stymied. Perhaps if you ask for my contact information, I might be allowed to give it. Someone has to respond to common sense eventually. God Bless! Mike
  13. IanH

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    Wow Mike. This is one helluva claim. I understand you are a clinician. Well Steve, if you are going to make such claims you MUST provide the proper evidence for this. I work in a Medical Clinic specializing in chronic illness and I see no evidence for your claim.
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    hi vinkel: saw your dilemma, can U help me start a thread to check out jack garvey's sonridgehealthcenter in st. aug. FL.? i'm new don't know how. my church friend came back cured, 2 wks. of feeling bad from die off, and another church member in TN called him to tell him to go cause he got cured in FLA. I checked quack watch and found that basically no scientific evidence these machines can kill pathogens, but there was a study w/ 100 patients that it help majority of them from a disease I wasn't familiar with
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    I've started referring to CFS as always CFIDS, which is correct, because you can be chronically fatigued and not have the disease of CFIDS dx780.71. If U have to have meds for pain (I do), take them. Once I quit beating myself up for taking them, I was more @ peace emotionally. after l5 yrs. i'm still battling CFIDS, but I was almost totally bedridden for 6.5 yrs. jumpshot
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    well i'm not good at posting threat so, U asked if someone could cure FM, I don't know I have both FM & CFIDS . I' ve made post that the pracititioner @ sonhealthcenter in St. Aug. cured my church friend of LYME and his friend also. he used a EAV machine, then my friend told another church friend who was dx w/ ALS (Gehrigs) so he went FL. I don't know yet how he is cause it's too early the lst 2 wks. U have die off and feel bad. The practitioner called me he wouldn't let me call anthing a disease by name, I figured out why later, he could get prosecuted (he's a licensed acunp. not M.D. or licensed N.D. So I've asked you all to check out EAV german machines who this guy studied under a german. Quackery or true cure, help me check it out please.
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    hi mike, that is some claim. Have you cure people that are chronically fatigued or have been diagnosed by a specialist in the field of chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS). This is more than theory according to my specialist, and M.D. who is not strictly allopathic by any means. Research shows the HPA axis is impaired by most likely and intial viral onset. How do your adjustments heal the HPA axis. To my knowledge about the only way to heal that is put a person in medically induced coma, for a few weeks. Obviously this would not be allowed by ins. nor would any doctor do it. Just my thoughts after battling CFIDS for l5 yrs.
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    Hi Jumpshot, I'm also a new member, seeking help on this great forum. I am sure one of the members with more experience can start a new thread about "sonridgehealthcenter" you mentioned in your post:)
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    coma? wow